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  • Most beginner friendly board for 4ft+? UB, MD or HF ?


    Early 30s, 80kg, 6'2ft tall. Total Beginner. Currently riding 5'7 BP in small stuff and 6'2 SF once it gets a bit more steep/fast.

    Looking for a 3rd board to complement my quiver. Want it to work in as steep/fast waves as possible without loosing 'friendlyness' and stability for my skill level.
    It seems like many of the more refined boards with more rocker also have thinner rails and require a more advanced surfer?

    I think 35-38 liters should be more then enough for steeper waves as I can easily paddle my 38.5 liter SF into small 2ft waves ? From a pure volume/paddling perspective i would not mind going even for the lower mid 30's but I recon these boards will just be to 'wobbly' to surf even if I can catch waves.

    So a low volume but stable (if that can co-exists?) board would be preferred. And good rocker to fit hollow/sucky stuff.

    Also want to take the board for a longer indo trip in December.


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    I think all of the boards you have named would do very well for you. The unibrow will be closer to the SF in terms of dimensions as it's thicker and with a wider tail than the HF. I'd probably go for the MD though. Especially if it's for an Indo trip. The MD was designed for indo waves. Forward wide point, low entry rocker, and pulled in tail. All this equates to an easy paddling, fast board, with good hold in steep and hollow waves.


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      6'4UB and MD look almost identical on board compare. Which one would have more entry rocker ?


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        MD has more nose rocker, more of a forward outline as well as a more pulled in tail (compared my 510 UB with the same length MD) wish i had the MD


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          Defo go the minidriver or a lost rock up but no FST in that one. yet ??????


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            wah!!! lost rock up??? we have them now?


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              Thanks for the feedback.

              Just came back from supposedly was a 3-4 ft session and I had the 6'2 SF out. Had a few 1.5+ OH bigger sets coming in and I'm now disappointedly thinking I'm not ready for a step up board like the MD or UB. Hurts to say but I completely chickened out and bailed my board twice today and I don't think having another board would have solve that problem.

              Could ride the 6'2 SF nicely on some head high waves but I seem to have a psychological barrier once it gets any bigger then that. Especially if it closes out on the beach on shallow water. Freaks me out !

              Now I'm thinking I it would be nice to get a PN and just focus on keep getting better surfing small stuff while I figure out how all you other guys survive in bigger surf..


              • Goanna
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                Snow don't sweat it too much, you did say you were a learner didn't you? I've been surfing 30 years and still pull back on the same waves.
                As for the PN - great idea and I think you should completely go for it! - oh hang on it just so happens I am selling my 5'8" right now lol
                We've spoken via Gumtree about it when you were selling your V2 so let me know how keen you are!

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              So you are the PN guy on gumtree, remember you were very helpful. :) I will pass on the 5'8 PN as everything I have now is with futures so I feel I might just as well stick with that. I'll probably get the 5'10 once it is time.


              • Goanna
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                No worries. If you ever head down the coast let me know and you can try both the PN and the MD

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              Goanna: will do! I'll bring the 507 BP for you to try.