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  • unibrow 5.9 or 5.10?

    Hope you guys or someone at firewire can help me out here.

    I am 6.1" and 175 LBS, i have 5 firewires and my favorite is my DOM 5.8, bought the 6.1 hellrazor but didnt get on with it, so need a board to cover those conditions that will be missed on the hellrazor, as i absolutely love the DOM the unibrow looks like the obvious choice. But i have a dilemma, really want a timbertek but the UK only has 5.10 available but have the 5.9 in FST. I really like to go as low volume as possible on firewires, My dom is around 31 ltr the 5.10 uni is around 30 and the 5.9 around 28. I am quite happy at 28 ltr, and the drop in nearly 2 ltr from the 5.10 uni to the 5.9 uni, for only 1" shorter, suggests to me that there is a massive difference in rails and tail, i obviously want the thinner tail.

    Has anyone seen or tested both the 5.9 and 5.10 together, is there a big difference in the tail or even better how they ride?

    I really want to make sure i get it right, as i have the 5.4 sweet potato and had a go on my mates 5.0 and was a completely different board, also had a go on a mates 5.10 dom and hated it compared to my 5.8 so all this is in the back of my mind and stressing me out with making the decision

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    If you know your ideal volume is the 28l range I'd stick to that. I like my boards around 28l myself and know that 30l would feel chunky to me in good sized waves when moving fast.
    I personally think FST is a better bet for bigger waves and windier or bumpier conditions anyway and the slight added weight can be an advantage.
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      Thats the thing phil, i ride 31 ltr most the time on my dom, and can ride that volume in good waves, just the tail slips :-( but my 6.3 flex fire is 27 ltr and can ride that in chest+, i dont want to lose anything from the dom i ride now as the uni will probably replace it, but then on the other hand i want it to have a thin a tail as poss. My last two firewires i have hated, and i dont want to make the same mistake again.

      Just to add there was nothing wrong with the last two boards, just didnt suit me or my style.


      • Phill
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        If it's a Dom replacement then the 30l one could work well for you. Is there any where near you that you can try and demo one?

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      I'm 5'11 175lbs. I have the 5'8 Uni and really like it. It's a great groveler and covers waves up to head high so far. I switched with my buddy who has the 5'9 and it felt a bit like a tank. Just didn't have that spark that I like my boards to have.

      I rode the 5'8 Dom solely for a good year. It eventually felt too big. But if you like the Dom at 5'8, I'd say the Uni at 5'9 is very similar. I would not recommend a 5'10.


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        Nice one csarqui, thats what i expected, i predominantly surf onshore waves, so a little bit of volume can help, i will want to surf this in double overhead max as we have a big lurching sucky elevator takeoff, that then can flatten out a bit and then lose a lot of size, what is the nose rocker like compared to the dom? i cant compare foils on the site!


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          I never compared the nose rocker directly to the Dom (before I sold it). One of my favorite things about it is how easy it gets into a wave, large are small. And compared to my Vanguard, the nose really helps me get into late drops.


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            Thanks, anyone at firewire care to comment on the rocker profile compared to the DOM?????


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              Hey Folks,

              Yeah so the Unibrow definitely has a bigger wave upside. I have always preferred a shortboard when the waves hit a certain height, but as far as hybrid versatility goes, the Unibrow is up there.

              From a rocker standpont, the unibrow definitely has a functional one. I would say its a pretty balance board overall with modest nose and tail rocker. There is also good volume under the front foot making it a stellar board for those who load up that front foot. compared to the dominator it definitely has more rocker but the it also rides more like a shortboard because it has less area and volume in the tail. This allows for a more aggressive approach and greater control at higher speeds and in the pocket.

              Cheers and hope this helps a little bit more.


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                sort of helps, i was after dimensions compared to the dom really. But you know what, im just gonna order the 5.9 today, and hopefully replace my dom which will allow me to sell it, then sell my SP, HR and FF and find a decent big wave board :-)