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  • Board Bag for 5'9" Unibrow?

    Hi, I've got a Unibrow on order, and I'm just looking for some help regarding the board bag shape and size for a Unibrow. Should I be getting a hybrid board bag or a shortboard one? How about the size? I live in the city, and usually take the train to the coast, so I need to get the bag before the board arrives. Any help will be much appreciated! Thanks!

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    It should be able to fit in a regular shortboard bag. I'd recommend going a little bit bigger in case you end up wanting to transport multiple boards or any other board. I really like destination bags here in the US. If i know it might be a rough trip i put on a sufboard sock and then put it in the day bag.

    I'd bet a 6'3 bag would be perfect you could even fit a towel around the bottom of the board for extra protection with a larger bag.


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      I use a regular shortboard bag. No problems. Just go longer. Dakine day bags are my favorite for everyday use.


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        Thanks, guys! I was thinking of getting a day bag, and then a double board bag for trips. I'd try to just take 2 boards - 5'7" Baked Potato and the Unibrow 5'9". Any idea what kind of bag for those two to fit together?


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          My favorite board bag brands are ProLite and Dakine. I usually just use my ProLite travel bag as a daily bag because I can fit two boards (without fins), along with wetsuit, towel, fins, and wax. I then use this same bag when I fly and just wrap my boards with bubble wrap and foam and everything fits no problem. Overall, if you want the ability to carry two boards at all times with you, then travel bags are better because of the multiple uses you'll get out of them. Rather than getting a day bag, I would use a board sock as my "day bag" and then a travel bag otherwise.

          - Firewire Intern Josh