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  • Hellfire vs Unibro

    Was wondering if someone could give me some feedback on the differences between these 2 boards? Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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    hwork50, I've ridden both, a 5'8" Hellfire and currently own a 5'9" Unibrow, which I sold the HF for.

    The Uni is much better to paddle than the HF but maybe the 5'10" might have been better for my weight (76kg).

    I can't explain it but for some reason the Uni feels much better getting into waves, I seemed to snag my rail sometimes on the HF in more critical waves, no issues on the Uni. HF seemed a bit sketchy and skatey in the critical stuff.

    In terms of the ride, the Uni is much more predictable and smooth than the HF. Not sure what is was but it was a love/hate relationship for me with the HF but in the end it had to go.

    I haven't had the best surf conditions since owning the Uni but I can already see it is going to push my surfing, again, due to that predictable and smooth feeling through turns. I'm doing turns and cutbacks on the Uni that I was never able to confidently do on the HF.

    Also, the Uni has heaps of speed!

    Hope that helps.


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      They are very similar - try the board comparison section and nose is identical - tail is similar to Dominator but rails of Unibrow are very low compared to thick blocked rails of some Firewire boards. So although the board is thick the rail profile is lower due to domed deck. Compared to my Spitfire the Unibrow is a vastly nicer board to ride in good waves to 6 foot but it can grovel in rubbish waves as well. The above post confirms that thick blocked rails and reduced nose area have given an edge to Firewire's hybrid/performance range. Now I have a 7 foot Submoon I think that the Spitfire may well be presented to my son or find a new home via the second hand rack. If you want hybrid style board for points or quality waves then Unibrow is an option but it will work in slop.
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        I have both boards and feel the Unibrow has a slightly better rail line and feels a little more balanced than the Hellfire. I tend to drive hard with my front foot (from 20+ years of snowboarding), especially on smaller waves, and the little extra thickness forward of the mid-point helps me. Though I like the slightly tighter tail outline of the Hellfire a little more, I think the transition to the wide point makes it feel a slightly less refined and less responsive on rail than the Unibrow. (Then again, all that could just mean the Unibrow is better suited to my style.) Though the boards have roughly the same volume, I think the foam distribution of the Unibrow makes it paddle a little better.


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          Currently riding a 6'8 Hellfire and considering a Unibrow and just wondering if anyone can tell me if there is any rocker variation and if so what the particulars are as there are no Uni's this big in the racks locally to compare it too.