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  • Help choosing first firewire/Unibrow

    Hi guys,

    Looking at a board for the 2-5 ft (waist/chest up to 1.5oh) range and decided to go for the Unibrow (first Firewire!). I'm surfing in a 4/3 year round, 72kg with above average fitness and have been surfing 2 years, getting out there as much as possible (couple times a week). Starting to surf more top to bottom and looking for something to progress on. My previous board was a standard short/fat/wide setup with approx 31 litres volume, so with regards to the Unibrow I was thinking that the 5' 10'' at 30.2l would probrably work best? Also i'm curious as to whether FST has more 'buoyancy' or feels like it has more float than a standard P/U board? Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

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    The FST has a good amount more float than standard PU of the same size. The size you have picked sounds perfect!


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      Are you planning on keeping your old board? I don't want to tell you to go too small but i'm at around your weight at 71kg and i went from a 5'6 spitfire @ 28L to a 5'6 unibrow @ 25L and could not be happier. I catch waves just as well as with my spitfire.
      I'm going to say go with the 5'9 if you are looking for something to progress on go lower volume to make sure you have room to grow with the board. Maybe even a 5'8. The unibrows definately paddles better than their volume would indicate. If you go too big it will feel the same as your old board and defeat the purpose of getting a higher performing board. I'm not saying super lower volume boards are the way to go, but if you are looking for something more high performance i'd bring your volume down a bit vs your normal board.

      When i went to the 25L which was the normal size of my HPSB i was scared it was too low for the unibrow. Second wave i caught i knew it was the right size.

      I feel the FST does float a bit more than the normal PU board. But volume isn't the end all when talking about float. Surface area has a large role too.

      My best suggestion is to try and get a demo day. If not, look for a used board in a similar size that way you can gauge a FST volume. Personally i'd say go with the 5'8. You said you have above average fitness so you should be able to paddle it just fine.
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