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  • Unibrow, Dom, Spit or?

    I've got a 6' 0" Potatonator which I really enjoy, however I don't think I need the thickness when I'm up on it.

    I'm 40, 79kg / 175 lbs. I'd say I'm an advanced beginner, I'm a good skateboarder / snowboarder, so plenty of board experience.

    I also have a 6' 10" Addvance, this is really floaty but helps when the waves are terrible or I haven't surfed in a while.

    I've been trying friends boards recently and I think I can get away with a tiny bit less volume, but most importantly I want my board to have more of a 'skate' feel but without sacrificing waves (i'm not the best paddler and only surf once a month if lucky). I don't feel very 'connected' to the wave on the Potatonator, is that cos it's a thick Hybrid?

    I would probably keep the Addvance & the Potatonator but interested in adding another board.

    I surf my local break in the UK Brighton when I can, waves are mushy, weak and pretty bad. However I surf Devon more in the summer where the wave quality is good.

    Was thinking a Dom might feel too much like the Potatonator, so was considering either Unibrow or Spitfire? Appreciate any thoughts.

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    I've got a 5'9" Uni, and I've tried my friend's 5'8 Dom and Potatonator. Considering what the waves are like in Brighton, I think your best bet is a Dominator because it would work in Brighton and still be great down in the South West. Plus it's easy to paddle. My friend's 5'8" felt more than enough in terms of volume (I'm 76kg, 6ft and 34), so don't go too big. I've got a 6'2" fake Dom, and it's wayyyyyyyyy too big for me. I know a lot of people in Cornwall who ride a Dom, so it would be fine down that way. The Unibrow is a great board, but it needs a little punch in the waves to get the best from it.


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      Thanks for your reply.

      Do you think will a Dom feel a lot different to my Potatonator?

      I take your point with Brighton (crappy!) waves, but I'm happy with the Addvance / Potatonator here, I'd like to get a board for better waves (Devon).

      Ideally I'm looking for something that's going to still be easy to catch waves but is more challenging than the Potatonator when up.


      • Phill
        Phill commented
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        How about the new Nano? Unibrow?

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      Wow looks good Phil! Not seen those, wonder when they will get stock.

      Will that feel different to the Potatonator?


      • Phill
        Phill commented
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        Yeah it'll be much more performance orientated. Tomo's shapes are so fast though and a larger size one will be really fun and forgiving I reckon.

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      Hey, I guess if you want a different feel to your potatonator, then you should go for a different shaper like Phill said. Dan Mann's Potatos, Dominator and Unibrow all share similar characteristics. Now, I'm interested in a Nano...


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        If you like that skatey feel, then I would recommend the Dominator or Spitfire. They do not surf like the Potatonator. They are much more performance oriented in comparison.


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          If you are looking at the dominator & spitfire then you should look at the V2 Rocket as well it is easy to paddle slightly more rocker and has great hold on a wave so it would complement your potatonator when the swell gets a little bigger Iv'e got a 6.0 PT and a 6.2 rocket and thats 90% of my surfing I used to love the PT and for a while that was all i surfed but now I v'e bought the V2 as soon as its big enough i switch to the rocket, it handles most conditions well. A great everyday board plenty of hold but still feels loose enough.


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            I have both the Unibrow and the Spitfire. Both are good boards and I don't think you can go wrong with either in the right waves and and at the right skill level. However, I would think your Potatonator is going to be more skatey than either of these boards. They have higher performance characteristics. I would recommend the Unibrow over the Spitfire, because the Unibrow will cover the range of the Spitfire and give you some on the high end plus additional performance all around. The Spitfire may be slightly more skatey just because you can get it a couple of inches shorter and still keep the same volume relative to the Unibrow. I wouldn't say its a significant difference though and doesn't outweigh the added benefits of the Unibrow. I could easily get away with a two board quiver with the Baked Potato and the Unibrow. If you are still in the beginner phase and only surfing once a month, I think you should probably go with something like the dominator though. It would be much more forgiving and give you a higher wave count.