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    Hi, I have a 5'10 Unibrow that is my everyday go to board. I mainly surf Blacks and DMJ's, and the Reefs, I am looking for a step up board want to see what you guys think, something with a pintail

    I am 6'1 weigh 175 LBS

    Intermediate/Advanced surfer



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    flexfire pin... decades of refinement by Nev in them..


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      Two of the best waves in SD right there! If you want to go for something different, which I always suggest because it's good to get out of your comfort zone and try new shapes, then the VG or V4 would be high performance shred sleds for those waves. They're not pin tails, but the channels in those boards allow you to go ridiculously fast, and though you ride them much shorter than a "standard" hpsb, they will only get more fun as the waves get bigger. Then, when it's smaller, you can always hop on your UB again. I've never had a bad day on a Tomo shape.


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        Yeah i think for serious stuff the 6'4 rounded pin flexfire is a gem. The 6'2 round tail alternator is another good looking one. Or a 6'0 V4 if you want to get funky.
        For big, perfect, pumping days that 6'4 FE is the dream though.


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          Guys what kind of size/volume would i be looking at in a step up such as pin tail flexifire? Im about 150lbs 68kgs 5'7 ish... How big/hollow/fast does it have to get for you to reach for a board like this?


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            stick to your normal performance volume or ever so slightly more and possibly 4" longer than your stock shorty. eg. i would step off a 6'2"-6'3" onto a 6'6... whenever your feeling a little stressy about having to throw an "A game" you can start stepping up.. Nev refined the flexys on the goldy points over decades... for 10 years i rode his 6'6 pins/round pins everything.. but when those points got over 4-6ft they really came into their own... racing towards the cove at sizable Burleigh comes to mind... your first tier step up would be shorter though.. you might not grab a 6'6 until i grab a 6'10...

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          Thanks a lot core. I am really trying to get my head around building a quiver at the moment. Im in a pretty good position in that iv got my 501 BP which is great and really fun and im going to build from there. I think my previous boards apart from a PU shorty i had have all been over volumed really but it has probably been good as iv only really been surfing regularly the last 2 years living on the goldy. I get in the water a lot now with my job ("working" from home quite often) and am quite fit, im pretty sure my go to volume should be around 25L. BP being a bit of an odd ball as its so compact its a lot easier to duck dive etc than its 29.3L should be! But you feel it in chop/wind on bigger waves. I got a massive bucking off at cabarita right in front of the rocks the other day just as my mate shouted "DONT FEAR THE BOIL!!!" the boil sent me flying haha but alls well that ends well and lots of good laughs.

          So im roughly thinking the go from here is gonna be a 508 mini driver (got dbah, straddie etc in mind for the MD) then see about something with a squash tail and a bit more chunk betweeen that and the BP (like my CC but a few sizes smaller) then get some kind of step up maybe in the 6'-6'4 25-27L range for those summer cyclones and trips down to lined up lennox/flat rock (some of those beasty S swells weve been having were amazing but pretty terryfying on my 509 chubby chedda!!!).

          Thanks again for the as always invaluable advice!!!

          Oh and i still havent ridden a tomo but thats a whole new can of worms!


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            yeah that can of worms... i'm personally happy on a vanguard in any conditions i can paddle around in and into waves.. 1 ft to whatever... on the face you'd be hard pressed feeling outgunned.. its just if your old or scared (or both..!!) that you would need a step up to paddle around on.. if i'm feeling young and spry, i could ride the vg up until i need a more serious step up like a 6'10.. but i'm sort of over that stuff now anyway... when someone is still sorting their surfing out its good to ride conventional boards until they have their act dialed in, BUT, i've gotta say, get a correct (lowish) volume VG (with futures ea blackstix to start IMHO) and then see what else you need... you'll probably find you will surf full performance style in just about everything you go out in... JUST DONT BUY IT TOO BIG..!!

          • Phill
            Phill commented
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            That 6'2 x 18"5/8 x 2"1/4 Flexfire round tail could be dreamy for you Nelson.