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  • Similarities...

    ... wondering if any one has ridden an EF who is now riding this board. I was admiring the UB and it came to me, the reason being was its similarities to the EF, or at least seemingly anyways.

    At any rate I'm a long time EF owner and was hoping to get some ones take on ride differences.

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    Ultimately not that similar. The wide point of the EF is forward, the tail is narrower and the nose rocker is reduced. I would say the EF is faster overall but has more front footed DNA. Given they are both designed for similarly sized surf, they do ride quite a bit different. The Unibrow has more back footed design to it, more entry rocker, more hips and probably feels a little bit more like a conventional shortboard might. The EF is a pretty unique board and those who have ridden one, love it. There really isn't anything that is all that much like it...


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      Thanks for the breakdown Professor Chris :) Yea I just love my EF. After having been on my BP for over a year straight then getting on my EF, I was like wow, I love this board!

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    after "riding" my unibrow for the 1st time today, I can instantly see the similarities with my spitfire and the dom. I've been out of the water for a very extended period so my 1st time back for a while. Waves were epic, 4' aussie (8' faces), hollow beach break. Strong under current, but just good waves. Board paddled well. Problem for me is i'm seriously not paddle fit at the moment, and it showed. By the time I got out I was buggered, struggled to paddle into waves. I got hammered a couple of times and called it a day... HAHAHA, never felt like such a kook in my life.

    BUT... I can tell this board is going to be really good. Excited to get my mojo back and get out there again.