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  • Classic PU vs Firewire volumes

    I have seen on the Real Watersports forum that the PU V2 volumes are as follow:
    5'4 @ 23.41
    5'6 @ 25.46
    5'7 @ 26.87
    5'8 @ 27.54

    Where on Firewire FST volumes are:
    5'6 @ 26.3
    5'8 @ 29.1

    Is it confirmed ? The main problem is that I am leaning toward buying a V2 in FST construction but there is very little info here on the forum, but I could have more info on the over forums about the classic LOST V2 rocket, but if the volumes are different it should be difficult to choose the correct size.

    I currently ride a 5'10 slim (25.8L) Michel Bourez, and I am looking for a step-down board in the 30L range. (I am 74 kg - 163 lbs)

    I have tried a Dominator 5'8 and hated the round tail, same for a 5'8 Mini Driver.
    I tried 5'8, 5'10 and my GF's 6'0 Spitfire, love all of them particularly the 5'10.

    Would the V2 be a good choice ?

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    I think you'd love the V2. More refined than a spitfire. Looked like fun to me. I wouldn't chase 30l at your weight though.


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      It's common for Matt to change the shape slightly for Firewire models.


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        V2 rocket looks like a spitfire but better to me...


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          Thank you guys.

          @Nelson: that's exactly what I am looking for, something like the Spitefire, but a little bit more refined to handle from 2 feet summer waves up to 1.5x OH smoothly

          @Phill: Do you think I would better go smaller or larger ?


          • Phill
            Phill commented
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            I'd be looking a litre or 2 at the most more than your other boards. Jumping up 5l won't feel good!!!

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          I usually like to ride 27L, the MB is 25.8L and I can loose few waves when crowded or double OH.
          The 6'0 SF I tried was 34L and is somewhat more difficult to duck dive, but I could force my priority to anyone on the spot including longboards if needed. So I am confident that it won't be too much volume and I am confident with 2'3/8 rail would be thin enough to my feel.

          I ordered the V2 Rocket in 5'8 - 29L over the 5'6 - 26L, also because I think I would be more comfortable with the longer length. I would update as soon I got it.


          • Phill
            Phill commented
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            Yeah I'm only a few kg heavier than you and would also ride the 5'8

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          I brought the V2 and really like it, it does exactly what was expected: perfect step-down board compared to a HPSB. I hope I can try it in good, overhead conditions next time to compare its perfs compared to a SB.


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            I ride 26 ltrs In my PU boards and find that a 25 ltr FW is about the same in floatation and push back. Board shape will also come into play here. The V2 can be ridden shorter due to the wide nose. I think alot of people over size the Matt B shapes in the FW tech. I would use a PU calculator and drop a lt for FW.
            I have found this to be better. And the V2 is a sick wee board.