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    Looking for any V2 rocket reviews people can give. I have a shop near me that stocks the poly V2 rockets, but I haven't had good luck with the ...lost glass jobs. People seem very divided on this shape and was wondering why.

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    Hi I have a 506 v2. I am 5,7 68 kgs inter to advanced on a good day. The v2 is many boards in one. It can grovel and be a performance surfboard also. Look at Chris's ward on his. It's not a majic bullet and I think sizing will have a massive effect on how the board is to be surfed. I really like mine if the waves are a bit flatter with backing off sections the board goes insane. It does need a peaky section to get going but is easy to generate speed. This speed is not free like with a PN tho. You need to surf this board to get the best out of it, if that makes seance. I feel it's a great wee board that fits into any quiver. But will always be the bridesmaid never the bride.


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      I just took my V2 in 5"8, I am 74kg. There was 1m50 mushy waves the first day and clean&small 50cm waves the second day. This is a perfect step down board to any shortboard (MB 5"10).
      The takeoff is easy and I didn't experience "late take-off" as explained in the over thread. After the first bottom, the board self generates its speed and can be ridden very easily, and you still have room to pump it faster.
      So far I tried to ride it in quatro, K2.1 set or "K3 front K2.1rear" and was perfect in small waves. I used the thruster K3 set when overhead and that was better than the quatro setup.

      My final thoughts on the V2 is that this board is really generous with volume and hides it very well. This is a board for when the conditions are not perfect or too small to bring a HPSB. It can be ridden on the front foot, and feels like a spitfire but also can be ridden on the rear foot and it would feel and turn like SB, thanks to its fin tail.