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  • V4 vs Vanguard

    I'm 5'7", 135 LB and I've got a 504 Vanguard (RF) and a 510 V4 (FST) as a step-up. During the recent swell of the winter in CA, I rode both boards in 6 to 10' surf (face ht). Both boards have Futures fin boxes.

    I got the Vanguard in early Dec. and got the V4 in late January. I had been riding the Vanguard as a quad with a nubster, so I put those same fins on the V4: 3D medium / 375 QD2 / nubster.

    I used the quad/nub setup on the V4 for 3 consecutive sessions of solid OH waves in 2 days. I got some good turns, but at times my back foot was not all the way back and the turns felt sluggish and unstable. Also, pumping down the line felt slow. At this point, I preferred my 5'8" Mini Driver and thought about selling the V4.

    So for the fourth session of OH waves, I switched the V4 to a thruster with EA 450 fins. Suddenly the board worked great. I was pumping down the line faster, bottom turns and top turns felt solid. As a thruster, the 5'10" V4 felt very similar to my 5'8" Lost Mini Driver setup as a quad+nubster.

    Since the V4 felt so good as a thruster, I decided to try the 504 Vanguard as a thruster with the 3D medium fins on the 3rd straight day of solid OH waves.

    I loved the VG as a quad+nub, but as a thruster, it was even better!!! Down the line speed and roundhouse cutbacks felt the same as a quad, but my bottom turns improved and it felt like I went vertical quicker/easier. The 504 VG felt so light and quick after switching from the 510 V4.

    I rode the 504 VG and 510 V4 in similar sized, well OH waves and I definitely prefer the Vanguard. The only advantage of the V4 was the increased paddle power. 100 yard rides were the norm and I could surf for 3+ hours with the V4. With the Vanguard, I was out of gas after 2 hours.

    After riding the Vanguard for almost 2 months as my daily driver, steep drops with the Vanguard feel about the same as the V4 or Mini Driver.

    So the 504 Vanguard will continue to be my go to board from 2ft to 10ft. I’ll pull out the V4 if it’s CH+ and crowded/fat or a lot of moving water. If it’s consistently 10ft faces with occasional bigger sets, it will be the V4 or maybe my Cole 6’4” step up quad with rounded pin.

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    Wow, sweet review, thanks dude.

    However the vol diffs are substantial at 25.9 for the VG and 28.8 for the V4. I would assume that at equal vols, the VG would take it in terms of paddle powa, any one care to comment?


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      i ride a 5'6" VG and a 5'10" V4, both same volumes 28.8. And yes the VG paddles circles around the V4. Obviously for the above, the V4 being 3L more volumed, will paddle a lot better than his much smaller VG.
      I tend to ride the V4 when it's real punchy beachies. And VG in pretty much everything else, the V4 actually gets overlooked a lot coz those VG's are just too good!


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        Nice lordsword, thanks dude.


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          I agree with lordsword……i ride a 5'5 FST VG and a 5'10 FST V4. I got the V4 first and really liked how comfortable it felt paddling into waves with a bit of juice. I then got my VG and have only surfed the V4 once since then. I think the VG definitely paddles slightly better and i am starting to get pretty confident with paddling it into pretty well most waves i would go out in. Still working it out but to date haven't had a bad surf on it. I probably need to take the V4 out a few more times cause i did like surfing it.


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            Thanks Fazza. I'm looking forward to checking the Vader with its LFT and comparing to other Tomo shapes. I'm still very much enjoying my BP and EF and a part of me says to "first master what you got" but I'll never really master this thing we call surfing. I suppose you can run all you want but does one ever master running? Or drink all you want but there is no drink master sort of thing. I dunno.


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              wow egm.. great review. So riding an overvolumed V4 still works well then. This was a concern with me, as most people say to go REALLY small on Tomo boards. But you're riding with a guild factor of .46 where most performance boards should be ridden around .36/.37 GF. Makes me rest a little easier looking at a GF of .41 in a V4.

              Just out of curiosity for yourself, your VG is at a GF of .42 meaning I could quite comfortably ride a 602 VG which is equally reassuring for me.



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                hey egm3011 great review very insightful! do you tend to go for high volume boards as you are lighter than me and seem to be riding the maximum size boards i would consider at 68kg (150lbs). Have you tried riding say a 501 VG?!


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                  Originally posted by aurfalien View Post
                  Wow, sweet review, thanks dude.

                  However the vol diffs are substantial at 25.9 for the VG and 28.8 for the V4. I would assume that at equal vols, the VG would take it in terms of paddle powa, any one care to comment?
                  I ride a 6'0 V4 at 31.5L and a 5'8 VG at 32.2L and I reckon the V4 paddles just as well, maybe even better. The V4 rocker is pretty flat, they both are but the extra length I think helps reduce drag and that maybe why it seems to paddle better considering it is lower in volume. For quick barreling waves that throw immediately on take off I find the V4 much easier to get into them. Otherwise they feel quite similar to ride though the VG has a lower range. I can surf it in 1' to 5' whereas the V4 is like 3' to 8'.


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                    Hey Slowman,
                    Sounds like you replaced your buckled V4 then, did you go FST? Also just wondering because I know you have 2 x Hellrazors whether you would go V4 or Hellrazor as your go to for 4-8ft waves if you had to choose between the two.

                    I'm on Northern Beaches, and currently tossing up between these two at the moment (ride a Spitfire rest of the time). It seems if I go HZ I would get a fair bit more length than equivalent V4 volume wise which may not be a bad thing as am thinking of it as more a step up as opposed to good wave board (thinking 6'8" 38L HZ mark 2, vs 6'4" V4).

                    Which would you go? Waves I have in mind are Dee Why point, Bower, Warriewood etc. and one day hopefully Ments or Maldives. I find once it gets above 6ft I can't paddle through the beach breaks and can only handle the points.

                    Feedback much appreciated, just trying to get myself sorted as there is finally some swell coming!


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                      Hi Monty, I only had the V4 repaired, the crease wasn't a bad one, so still white rapid fire. So far so good. For 8' waves I'd probably go with my HZ, it's 6'5 and has a bit more paddle power, though at 6' I'd go with the V4. I've surfed all those places except Dee Why Point though I've watched it a couple of times and either wouldn't have a problem. I think the HZ might have a broader range like it will surf smaller waves than my V4 - it will go down to 2' but I wouldn't take the V4 in less than 3'. So if you want more versatility I'd go with the HZ, or just buy both!


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                        Cheers thanks Slowman, was leaning a little towards HZ so kinda confirms what I was thinking. Wish i could afford both though! Was really hoping they would release V4 thunderbird as i really want it for 4-8ft but think can't go wrong with HZ and it has some Spitfire DNA which would probably help me transition between boards as that is my normal to to. Get some waves on the weekend? So good to finally have some swell! Here's hoping Autumn makes up for a crap summer wave wise.


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                          I got my fix today Monty. Still quite solid at my local and beautiful offshore conditions. I was on call on the weekend and couldn't go they have waterproof mobile phones yet? BTW took both HZ and V4 with me but the V4 came out, in the right waves it is magic. On reflection the HZ might have been better because it was pretty peaky and shifty so you had to chase around for a wave. Still, once the V4 was on a wave it was great. The way I see it the V4 gives me like a 3M wave catching radius but the HZ probably extends that to 5M+. By wave catching radius I mean the size of the circle around me within which I can pick up a wave if it doesn't come straight to me.


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                            Glad you got your fill, reckon there are some tired arms around today as it has been a while since we've had that kind of size. Think I definitely want that wave catching ability you describe in the HZ, i don't have the best drop in and so to be up a tiny bit earlier in waves of consequence for me is a good thing. Thanks for the feedback, and here's hoping we get another good dose of swell next weekend!


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                              Monty.....I got a 5'10 V4 which I like but i do find it a tad harder to paddle sometimes. I have had a 6'1 Hellrazor and really liked it and thinking of getting a 6'1 Hellrazor2 for those slightly bigger days where i struggle on the 5'10. I thought about getting a 6'0 V4 but that extra width and volume would probably be too much for me to handle in bigger punchier waves.