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  • V4 or VG or UNI to go with PN

    I'm looking for a board to make up my 2 board quiver. It will go along side a 602 PN which I use up to around chest height. I'm looking for a board to go in chest high and above (say up to 1.5 - 2x OH). I want some volume, I'm not as fit as I once was, and need to contend with crowds. I'm currently hovering around the 220 - 225lb mark and I'm 6'3" tall (muscle is heavier than fat right?). I've surfed since I was 12 (I'm now 31), but just coming off nearly 2 years out of the water, so I'd put my skill level somewhere around Intermediate.

    I want speed, ease of use, good paddling (in the line up), and ease of wave catchability. I'm not going to be busting out airs or any other crazy maneuvers. I will mostly be bottom turn, top turn, cutbacks, barrells, and the odd snap or floater here or there.

    I'm contemplating a vast array of boards at the moment.

    VG - either 600 (39.5L) or 602 (43.5L)
    V4 - 606 (42.2L)
    UNI - 606 (40.4L) or 608 (42.1L)
    HF - 606 (39.7L) or 608 (43.1L)

    All suggestions and reasoning are appreciated.

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    Mate I'd go the UB in a photo finish. I think it would be the next natural progression (same shaper) to the PN.

    The VG worries me at that size because they say it needs to be ridden short as possible. At that size it would paddle around the line up well but would it perform properly? i.e. would you get the true benefit out of the shape?


    • justo
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      cool. I was thinking similar, but like the idea of the MPH in the V4/VG.

      Would you be thinking 606 or 608?

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    Uni for sure, it sounds like a great everyday board. Or a cbt alt custom to your vol needs?


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        Much has been written regarding riding VG at the minimal volume. Ridden /riding 6.0 and 6.2 vg and 6.6 v4 which are in my normal volume range It's a fair bet that I am sacrificing some performance with extra length/volume but it's a compromise that is offset with paddle. If I am missing performance then I would not have noticed unless I had read it in the forum. Still by far the best sbhp boards I have ridden. Just trying to let the guys who need that extra volume, don't be put off the models for that reason. They still work. And extremely well. Perhaps you may have to work a little harder to bury the rail but your brain and body will program that in. But you will be able to get it out to the line up and into the wave with the dodgy shoulders and backs. It sometimes about compromise and this one is worth it. Just got my 6.2 fst VG replacement And frothing


        • justo
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          Denchy, what are your stats? Are you comparable to me?

          Love the look of the UNI, but as I said the MPH boards really intrigue me.

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        Hey, more to the point, on a good wave a 43 litre VG or V4 will out rip a 43 litre unibrow easily


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          Justo I'm approaching 56 yo, 90 kgs, 6'2", fit and surfing nearly 40 yrs


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            Originally posted by Denchy View Post
            Justo I'm approaching 56 yo, 90 kgs, 6'2", fit and surfing nearly 40 yrs
            Almost me to a tee, except surfing for something like 45 years and 2" shorter, so nothing really like that at all LOL.

            Well anyway, I am surfing a 5'8 VG and a 6'0 V4...even at less volume the V4 seems to paddle better than the VG. Anyway they go great but there is a sacrifice in paddle for sure. I can see a 6'2 V4 on gumtree and I'll buy it if I can negotiate the right terms because my V4 needs chest high to get going so I figure the jump from 31.5L to 34.8L will add paddle power and extended the lower size wave limit. Because both the V4 and VG have such exceptional hold I don't think there will be any performance penalty at all, just a force calibration required for turns and that should be it.

            I think the UB probably is a better match to the PN but I jump from my V4 and VG to my spitfire a lot and then back and forth between the HZ and HF and it isn't a problem. The V4 really is an insane board in the right waves. It feels like you can go anywhere you want on a wave.
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            • Denchy
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              A "force calibration"?
              I think I had one of those this afternoon after I jumped on the V4 after surfing the DA all weekend. Been limping ever since. LOL

            • Slowman
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              I have adamantium metal bits in my legs that way I can handle the force.

              Side note: does someone in the X-Men franchise have man love for Adam Ant?