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  • Dims fo' Realz - Looks like a barnburner

    VR_408D03_14V1 VR Collab 4' 8" 16 1/8" 1 7/8" 16.6 Diamond
    VR_410D03_14V1 VR Collab 4' 10" 16 5/8" 2" 19.0 Diamond
    VR_500D03_14V1 VR Collab 5' 0" 17 1/8" 2 1/8" 21.7 Diamond
    VR_501D03_14V1 VR Collab 5' 1" 17 3/8" 2 3/16" 22.9 Diamond
    VR_502D03_14V1 VR Collab 5' 2" 17 5/8" 2 1/4" 24.3 Diamond
    VR_503D03_14V1 VR Collab 5' 3" 17 7/8" 2 5/16" 25.8 Diamond
    VR_504D03_14V1 VR Collab 5' 4" 18 1/8" 2 3/8" 27.3 Diamond
    VR_505D03_14V1 VR Collab 5' 5" 18 3/8" 2 7/16" 28.8 Diamond
    VR_506D03_14V1 VR Collab 5' 6" 18 5/8" 2 1/2" 30.5 Diamond
    VR_507D03_14V1 VR Collab 5' 7" 18 7/8" 2 9/16" 32.1 Diamond
    VR_508D03_14V1 VR Collab 5' 8" 19 1/8" 2 5/8" 33.9 Diamond
    VR_509D03_14V1 VR Collab 5' 9" 19 3/8" 2 11/16" 35.7 Diamond
    VR_510D03_14V1 VR Collab 5' 10" 19 5/8" 2 3/4" 37.6 Diamond
    VR_511D03_14V1 VR Collab 5' 11" 19 7/8" 2 13/16" 39.5 Diamond
    VR_600D03_14V1 VR Collab 6' 0" 20 1/8" 2 7/8" 41.5 Diamond
    VR_601D03_14V1 VR Collab 6' 1" 20 3/8" 2 15/16" 43.5 Diamond
    VR_602D03_14V1 VR Collab 6' 2" 20 5/8" 3" 45.6 Diamond

  • #2
    Good looking dims :D thanks Chris


    • #3
      Hey Chris
      Dimensions look very interesting.
      A touch more width & a little more volume per size.
      I'm sure we might expect this will be another step forward for the MPH following.

      In reality, when are we likely to see this available East Coast Australia.
      Also any info on construction materials.

      I must be crazy,
      I've been hanging out for my LFT Vanguard to arrive for months now,
      fingers crossed this month will see it materialise, and I'm looking at other boards.


      • core personal training
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        "I've been hanging out for my LFT Vanguard to arrive for months now,
        fingers crossed this month will see it materialise"

        I'm out with the worst man-flu in history twiggy, you could be using my VG for me..!! At least my ding repair has cured..!!

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      Nice dims, they fill some gaps that the Vanguard didnīt, like the 30lts. Thanks!

      VIDEO: D. Tomo surfing his Vader
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        Awesome, thanks for the info Chris.
        Better spread in volumes, especially in the larger sizes which saw big jumps previously.
        Also keen to hear about what tech it will come out in, and rough eta


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          Looks like the dims are more inline with the dims of the vanguards in the shorter fatter sizes (ie 501,3,5,7 as opposed to 502,4,6 etc...)

          I vaguely remember someone saying that for the VG those were more the original thomo dims so makes sense (i believe he mostly tests his around the 501s) with the longer ones filling gaps for taller guys or anyone wanting that extra inch.

          Im very keen to get a go on one of the 501 or 502s!


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            waaaayyyyyy better dims than the VG. now I can seriously have a look at one of these.. Good work Tomo and FW


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              Whats a Vader? This thread is useless without porn...err, I mean pics. Lol!


              • Phill
                Phill commented
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                Diamond tail vanguard. Little more rocker, little more foiled and a quad channel out the tail.
                Mark said it'll be LFT tech. Maybe tomo's carbon patch version will follow?

              • powman
                powman commented
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                I had a look at Stuey's one, which was one of Dan's proto's he'd nabbed from him. Not sure if rocker will be the same, i thought it was close to the Nano, Stuey thought maybe a bit more.

            • #9
              Ooooooo, exciting! The 5'5 looks perfect for me! But...

              WHEN ARE THEY GONNA BE ON SALE!?!?!


              • Phill
                Phill commented
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                Sounds like September for USA and aus. I'd go 5'4 dan. Don't need so much volume in those shapes IMO.

              • Goodfish
                Goodfish commented
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                Cheers, Phill...I don't think I could go smaller than a 5'5 though...I'd look ridiculous on it. Are you sure it's gonna be offered in the current LFT - thin carbon line thing? My bet says they'll be released with that big fat carbon inlay in the middle...

              • powman
                powman commented
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                i think it will be LFT to start, when i saw Dan's proto it looked like the Tomo tech still needs some more R + D, didn't look like it had held up too well.

            • #10
              anyone see stuey's heat yesterday at the us open? he looked super fast on that vader...too bad he didnt pick the right waves. the ding bat announcers were talking shit on the shape at first because he wasnt on good waves, but once he got on one they changed their tune...maybe they have it on heat recaps


              • kokonaut
                kokonaut commented
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                Anyone have a link to the video?

            • #11
              Dans buckled after 7 months. It was prob very lightly glassed though.


              • #12
                Hey Phil, do you think its best to size same volume as a vanguard? Ie I ride 5'10" in VG so the 5'9" vader is right for me?


                • Phill
                  Phill commented
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                  Dan said you Mark that 1-2" less than the vanguard would be the way to go.

              • #13
                Available in Australia September apparently. But you know how they kept pushing back release of the LFT's, I'd say it could be a few weeks behind that. New tech is never fun for such a big production.
                They'll be in the tech you've been seeing most of the photos. Special carbon inlays top and bottom, with a deck skin, although Dan trying to get them away from the deck skins (but of course they are hesitant as people want durability) He didn't say anything about them in LFT so I doubt they'll come out in that tech.
                Very similar rocker to VG, but a more accelerated entry rocker in that first 12" of the nose. Quad channels out the tail, the FW ones seem to have a little less accentuated channels, but that's understandable as they were a nightmare to lam and sand. Feels amazing under the arm. Just finished glassing my custom 5'6" he made for me. But of course the whole east coast of Oz has been a lake since the day I finished it!!!
                Saw Dan's one he snapped and safe to say he rode the absolute shit out of that thing, the fact it lasted 7 months is actually amazing. He says that out of any of his designs this thing is 10/10 and if he's saying that then I'm definitely listening. Things looked like a way more dialled in VG.
                Fingers crossed for surfing the thing all this weekend!!


                • Phill
                  Phill commented
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                  From the CEO's fingers...
                  "Hitting retail in the US and Australia around late September/October in Firewire LFT technology, Tomo-only branding."

                  I'm assuming the carbon inlay 'tech' is still being worked out for production and LFT will lead the way.
                  I hope you get some waves for your custom from Dan! Wish I could get one from him in the UK.

              • #14
                Wow, looking forward to feeling her up. Wonder how it will compare to the VG which to me, felt great. I haven't bought a VG as I wanted to wait for the Vader for comparison. Come fall-ish however, a Tomo will find its way to me.


                • #15
                  Looking forward to the 5'9"! My 5'10" VG absolutely flies.