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    Hey Core, What size VG did you go with... Im the same stats basically and have the 54 SP and 62 Bourez thin also. Just curious as to what you got, and how you're liking it(and fin choices). Leaning towards the 56, but a 57 would be PERFECT!! Oh well... Thanks!


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      already spoke to SDsurf, but for other readers, i've been put on the 506... should be here sometime soon... regular viewers will know that i HATE EVERYTHING but HP shooters so this will be interesting, but then again, i made the hellfire my mistress..!!.. after this foray i will be re-sorting my HP board.. time to get twitchy again..!!.. will play around with proV-1's and might even fall back onto a replacement 602 x 18 3/4 flexy... loved that thing...


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        Quads are the hot setup. Rode quads for a few times and got frustrated with how fast it was but i couldnt do anything with it. Changed to a thruster and it was precise and made tight turns in the pocket, but gave up speed. put the quads back in...tons of speed and then i started puttting it on a rail. whole new world!!! keep it on a rail and it is fast, easy to direct, and will turn on a dime. previous to buying this board i thought i was a "rail surfer" haha


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          good stuff bonzer. I love it when people agree with me!


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            I've had mine for something like about a month now. The local joke is it's an ironing board that I'm surfing. My knees are right on the kick block of the tail pad, which feels weird but it is pretty neat too as it lets me know I'm positioned about right for optimum paddling. The 5'8 VG makes my new 6'5 hellrazor feel gigantic but on very steep fast takeoffs it's very comfortable and gets in easier than the VG. As Bubbles said on the big guy's thread you need to be in the right spot with the VG, or a lot closer to it than with other boards.

            I initially bought a set of FCS AM2 thrusters (in FCS these are medium) an found it felt a little lacking in drive. That means to me I need more fin area, so I moved up to a set of FCS G-AM (large) thrusters and noticed a definite improvement. With more drive it held its speed through turns. It seemed a little stiffer, so I tried using the AM2 trailer fin, which seemed to take away too much drive. Next set of fins I planned to try was my FCS R2 quad set - the speed was blindingly fast but at times it seemed like it would track and resist wanting to turn at very high speed. I think it was just a matter of making sure my back foot was right over the quad trailers.

            So next I tried the R2 thruster set, it seemed to lose speed and drive and felt just a bit too neutral. Next I tried H3 large thrusters which seemed to actually slide a bit. I liked the speed of the quads but was thinking that maybe I had better directional control with the thruster set up. I've found in the past drivier front quads with very small rear quads helps get the board turning more vertically - so I went with TC redline fronts and TC aqualine rears (these were magic in my JK) and the VG again just didn't seem to have the drive I like. There just wasn't enough fin area in the water, so I went to G-AM quad set (G-AM front Q1000 rear) and yes the drive and speed were back and it didn't seem to track at high speed. They were fast enough but still didn't seem to have the top speed of the R2 quads. So I put the R2 quads back in, I figured if I could turn the G-AM quad set without tracking at speed then maybe it was really just a matter of better rear foot placement with the R2s.

            Perhaps it was simply a matter of training the brain/back foot placement but it seems to have clicked in and the R2 quads are working well. The speed is amazing a couple of quick pumps and it rockets through sections that I don't think would be makeable on many other boards. One of my club mates took off on a wave he thought I was too deep, it sectioned in front of me and he took off way over the other side of it. I did a few pumps on the wall and turned around the section came up around him and overtook him just as he went up and snapped back around and scared the bejesus out of him! I kept on going.

            I think I'm pretty well settled on the R2 quad set up. Each time I use it I'm getting more comfortable with it and extending the repertoire. I wouldn't mind trying the TC redline thrusters as well, I think they might work as well as the G-AM thruster but turn a bit tighter, but nothing so far seems to have the speed of the R2s though I did find some good speed on the H3 large quads in some of my first rides but in terrible waves, so maybe they deserve another try too.

            So that's 2 definite options that work for me (R2x4 and G-AMx3) and a couple more maybes. The way I see the placement of the VG in my quiver it won't be necessary to need a viable thruster option for bigger waves as I'll have better boards for those waves like the hellrazor. Unless I go away and only take it and another board. It fits between the spitfire and the hellfire/hellrazor. Still it's not the kind of board I think I'll take away just now anyway.


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              Hi, gotta try the Amt futures without middle fin, and fin box fillers, flows amazingly. End of.


              • Phill
                Phill commented
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                Running it as a twinny seems bizarre to me but I guess that's the beauty of surfing.
                I should probably try it before writing it off ...

              • Peterleo
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                Yes Phill u should. I have a ball on it in high tides. Its amazing how fast it paddles. I use Futures K2 in hollower surf. I found the right balance. Going to try it with 2 Darc drives as quads. Will tell more when surf hits GC again. Have fun.

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              Hi all I enjoying reading this thread. I surf a 6'6 quadraflex and am keen to try the vanguard V4. Have any of you tried. And if you know, would you advise sticking with same volume or less in the V4


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                Scarfini quad FX2 with Kanter fin as 5th fin. Super fast like a quad, but still able to pivot and throw the tail like a thruster. Best of both worlds! Try it and you'll never go back. Tested in 2-3ft Chun's Reef, maxing out 5ft Chun's Reef, +5ft Laniakea, and 2-3ft Laniakea.


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                  I just got a Firewire Vanguard 5'4" 10 days ago and already got in 11 surf sessions. I'm 5'7", 135 lb and soon to be 49 y/o.

                  The 5'4" VG (25.9L) is about 1 L less in volume than my 5'8" Lost Mini Driver (26.8 L) that was my daily driver. Paddling around with the VG is definitely more tiring / less waves caught. I've surfed the VG in WH mushburgers to 2' OH and throwing. As long as I could get into the wave, the VG rode great. I’d be hating the VG if I had gone with a 5’2”. Going up to a 5’5” and a 3L increase in volume probably would have felt too bloated.

                  Steep/late drops on the VG did take a little getting used to. I buried the nose on one late take-off and one steep re-entry that I probably would have made with my Mini Driver. After a couple sessions of OH waves I was feeling pretty confident on the steep drops with the VG.

                  Compared to the Mini Driver, the VG is snappier, tighter turning and feels faster pumping down the line. I could feel the tail of the VG slide a little bit then catch on some steeper, backside drops; same situation the Mini Driver would just feel solid.

                  I rode both boards as quads+nub and for most of the sessions, I used the same fin setup on both boards: Lost MB3 fronts, 375 Quad2 rears and a Von Sol nubster.
                  When I rode the VG without the nubster on HH+ days, the board turned so quickly that it almost felt out-of-control, but never spun out.

                  On a more recent session, WH to CH and soft, the VG wasn’t feeling as exciting, so I removed the nubster. That really loosened up the board and I got my best turns of the session.
                  I’ve also tried out Vector II Quad 1 438 on the front fins (same area as newer F4 Quad fronts) and it felt like I lost some drive/acceleration.

                  I’ve also tried replacing the Lost MB3 front fins with the medium Moorakerr 3D Fins (fins with dimples). The MB3 and 3D fins have almost identical templates. I couldn’t really tell a difference between the MB3 and 3D fins.

                  So for my final fin setup, I’m going with the 3D Fins on front / 375 Quad2 rears / nubster. I’ll remove the nubster when the surf is CH and smaller.

                  I decided to go with the 3D fins because the skull graphics look better than the MB3 graphics. I initially got both the 3D and MB3 fins as demos from Finatic.


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                    Just got my 5'5 FST VG today :) some swell coming after Christmas so will get it out there and see how it goes. I have been surfing a 5'10 FST V4 last 2 weeks in anything i can small, head high and slightly over head and really loving the board….more so if the wave has some juice or size to it. I have tried Futures MB3's and Shapers AP01 small quad set and will give both of those a go in the VG.

                    Thinking the VG will be good in most conditions but if the waves are really good then i think the V4 will take over………...ride report soon.

                    Next year is looking good so many boards coming out……keeping a look out for the V4 Thunderbird and the Tomo Vader
                    Last edited by Fazza; 12-23-2013, 06:20 PM.


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                      Just tried Elevon front fins with Solus rear fin. Goes amazing as well. It seems to like fast fins. Tried Dave Rastovich quads and could not keep up with it to even stand up. But r amazing on my Hellfire. That said the longest barrel i ever surfed was with the R1 Blackstix. Think ive tried every Futures set now.


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                        Hi there,
                        After a hell ten days with my VG5´56 at the repair shop I finally got to surf it today again.
                        I tried with a 2.1 kelly´s quad.
                        It went mental in 2ft long walls .I even got the fins out in the last wave.
                        With the 4x Kinetics it felt a little bit tracky but with 2.1 it was like a thruster. Maybe it is because the 2.1 are smaller i don't know.

                        I want to surf it again with the Parko kinetics and see if the 2.1 are worth it.


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                          During the current So Cal flat spell, I've been riding my 5'4" Vanguard. When I rode the Vanguard with Elevon fins, it became my new favorite groveler.
                          In soft WH surf, the VG had enough volume to get into the waves easily, but I had trouble generating speed with conventional fins. I switched to the Elevons, all of a sudden I had enough speed for cutbacks and off-the-lips.


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                            Hi guys I've been running a set of Captains Quad fins for kiteing and surfing on my 5'5" vanguard and having great results ,exceptional hold and flex out of turns absolutely love'm,whether its 2ft slope or solid overhead surf the vanguard set up as a Quad is amazing.


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                              Quads, but a size smaller than you'd normally ride. A little less drive, but still fast and more pivot. And still solid in solid waves. I'm using PC3 quads...