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    Originally posted by Phill View Post
    In my opinion they should use S glass on RF boards rather than E glass. Sure, it would add a little stiffness. Would the majority of people feel the difference? Probably not. Would they notice the improved durability? Definitely. RF feels like a stiffer, immediate response to me anyway, so S glass could add to that.
    Do you mean the Innegra S glass? This stuff


    • Phill
      Phill commented
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      Nah I don't think so. It's just a different grade of fibreglass. S-2 fibreglass. It's pretty standard just a touch stiffer and heavier than E glass but higher strength and impact resistance.

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    Yeah, don't tell core but we like FST better


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      Denchy that sucks! can you show a picture of the core? I hope you can get a free replacement or a heavily discounted one!



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        Hawaii_boi. Post it later this week, left it down the coast while I return to the big smoke to toil. Need to replace it with something which takes dollars! Front half is in the recycle bin so they can work out what to do with it. Foam might be recyclable but don't like their chances with the glass!!!


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          A mate of mine snapped 2 5'10 VGs in 8 surfs.....ouch. I won't get one until they are available in at least timbertek but would prefer FST for sure. I am just waiting my 5'3 Timbertek Baked Spud and glad i waited. I saw on the forum that there have been some issues with Timbertek decks not holding up and now Firewire have been putting an extra hot coat of resin over the top which has improved durability immensely.

          I am not sure but herd that FW are re-enforcing VG as early models seem to snap way to easily.
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            Maybe FireWire should consider using eps foam with the stringer in them like most eps boards have. I have a few of them and they handle well in bigger waves, don't get me wrong but boards do break but with the stringer in them would be a lot stronger IMO.


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              i only ride rapid fire where possible.. light lively performance with a direct feeling that can handle power surfing with soooo much rebound..!!... while i dont want to jinx myself, i,ve only broken one flexfire since the first run in rapidfire... i ride slabs, and these days just let the board get nailed instead of going for hail mary drops..(getting slower, wimpier and more gumby)... my boards get lent out for the general public to test ride too...


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                Originally posted by core personal training View Post
                i only ride rapid fire where possible.. light lively performance with a direct feeling that can handle power surfing with soooo much rebound..!!... while i dont want to jinx myself, i,ve only broken one flexfire since the first run in rapidfire... i ride slabs, and these days just let the board get nailed instead of going for hail mary drops..(getting slower, wimpier and more gumby)... my boards get lent out for the general public to test ride too...
                i feel the same....light lively performance with a direct feeling that can handle power surfing with soooo much rebound..!! that core said but for sure FST construction is stronger.I have broke 2 boards with RF and 1 FST the last 4 years but think that both constructions are much stronger than PU boards and can last longer...


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                  Im another one waiting and waiting for the vanguard to come out in FST, if it comes out in timber tech i might give it a go, but i will never buy another FW board in rapidfire, IMO rapidfire is not much more durable than a good PU glass job (although lighter), while FST construction is amazing a 10 /10 construction.

                  Its no surprise at all to hear vanguards snap easily in rapid fire construction as they must be ridden narrow and thin and there a board that you want to surf in good waves, your always going to have a high risk of snapping thinner narrower boards in good waves, unlike say wider, thicker boards (fishes, potatoes etc) that are more suited to more mellow waves and less risk of snaps, hence it only makes sense that vanguards would be better suited to the stronger construction of FST.
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                  • core personal training
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                    indo, they are MANY times more durable than a glassy... and they have NONE of the deterioration problems either... i ride em thin and they get axed by thick lips on dry slabs a lot... btw, i've seen fst's in two pieces more than r/f's... granted there are more fst boards out there, but it is pretty hard to snap a r/f... knocking on wood as i type this..!!

                  • indodreaming
                    indodreaming commented
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                    Well either ive got a dud rapid fire or the PU boards your comparing them to are not as durable as the PU boards im comparing them to (not Al mericks etc, local made PU boards).

                    I can only go on my experience and i wish it was different, but my white rapid fire although lighter than a standard PU board is on par durability wise with many PU boards ive had in regards to pressure dings, deck sinking, even shatters.

                    On the flipside my two FST boards are without doubt the most durable boards ive ever had.

                    Strength in regards to snapping im happy to say i haven't snapped or creased any firewire boards yet.

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                  I have never snapped a firewire Rf however every FST I have owned has a major issue with the deck. I must say after 20 Firewire board the new white RF is unreal I have surfed from 1ft to 6ft pits and the Vanguard it the best firewire have owned. I do not understand how these these thing are breaking as I have had no issues.


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                    i'm comparing to all glassys... i lend my boards out for demo daily, so get to jump on different glassys each day, and chat to their owners, including shapers, both low volume and high profile... also compared to Nev's boards over the years.. a combo of team glass and heavier...(and some of nevs other experiments in strength etc).. if you scaled glassys at 1 and fst at 10 for both breaks and degradation, you would have to put rapidfire at 8 at least... while you can quibble about fst being stronger, rapidfire is still lightyears away from glassys, and overall close to fst... you get footwells quickly, but thats it...

                    if some one has had bad experience with rapidfire, then they have unfortunately had bad luck in some way...

                    also, ya should see NN66 in action... he makes pancho sullivan seem like a wimp.. lotsa power... hacks high volume around with immense strength.. if he is happy with rapidfire, then it definitely holds up well underfoot

                    NN66, lovin these VG's or what...!! i'm addicted... and doing insane stuff..(all the boards doing.. not me, i'm a gumby )... i have not even ridden my hellfire since i got the VG..!!!!!!!!


                    • indodreaming
                      indodreaming commented
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                      Hmmm thats interesting perhaps i did get one from a bad batch, I believe it was from first batch of white rapidfire baked spuds in Australia.

                      If I was rating its durability it would go like this.

                      1= what i guess most pro ride
                      2=light glassed big name brand boards for example Al merricks (plus a lot of board makers from say gold coast Australia)
                      3= a decent PU glass job, that most local smaller board makers seem to offer
                      3.5= My white rapid-fire baked spud (but with the weight of boards in number 2)
                      4= a heavier glassed PU board
                      4=from what ive seen from mates bamboo deck rapid-fire boards
                      6= those horrible surf tech epoxys, (a mate gave me one after i came back from indo with no boards and no money)
                      10= Firewire FST

                      Interesting to hear what others think?.

                      Anyway Ill be sticking to FST all the same and crossing my fingers than VG comes out in it, hopefully for the Aussie summer, but not holding my breath.
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                    • Phill
                      Phill commented
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                      I find the feel and durability of the RF decks to be perfect, but I don't think the rails and bottom are any stronger than a half decently glassed PU board. Of course they are much lighter and more lively, and keep that feeling for the duration, but I do find the rails crack with almost any real impact, but not from minor knocks, and the bottom fairly easy to dent if you bump it during a 'wipeout'. I usually end up with finger indents on the bottom from duck diving too. Maybe My rapidfires have had a little more sanded off the bottom and rails than others though, I've only owned two.
                      FST has a better feel for me though, I like the extra dampening and it's a bonus that I have 18 month old FST boards with immaculate rails and bottom and just denting on the deck around the knee and foot areas. I've had FST boards blow over in the garden and bounce off the brick paving and not even broken the glass. That kind of durability in a board that rides well is golden.

                      If you had a PU board and a RF board both built to the same weight, I have no doubt that the RF would hold up a lot better.
                      Last edited by Phill; 08-11-2013, 03:41 AM.

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                    Hey Core thanks for the nice words, I have been receiving great feedback from everybody about the way I surf on the board it is just so smooth with fantastic release for power turns, as you said you have not ridden your HF since you got yours, I am the same only ridden the Vanguard since I got it 3 months ago it absolutely goes in everything from 1-6ft. I did try it as a quad yesterday and it felt to tight so straight back to a thruster with my great Jordy Large Fins a perfect match for the Vanguard.


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                      NN66, i've not bothered with four yet as its sooooo fast anyway..!!.. need to suss a more substantial fin when its big though...the ea bstix get "interesting" .. tried am2's but too tracky... might have to try your jordy's... more tip release than the am2's by the looks of it... or maybe my sa3's (if i can prise em out of the HF) would do the trick when maxed out???.. how good is this board in sucky 1-2 footers..!!.. well my 506 with the ea's is anyway.. i feel really guilty... its the first board in living memory i've promoted that Nev didn't shape...!!... (sorry mate..!!).. but we can still thank him for the cutting edge tech and ability to accurately replace it should (perish the thought) the worst happen...

                      regarding the rf rail dings... the glass is much more pliable than glassys, as is the foam... getting a crack that isnt water-tight needs a fair knock...i dropped one rail first onto pointy conglomerate rocks.. .(some of you know where that stuff is...) multiple contact points.. only two spots crushed through glass and foam... havent fixed it yet, but i'll just squeeze some areldite on it as the foam has almost leveled back out... try that with a glassy..even with extra cloth/glass!!
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                        Said I wouldn't, thought I wouldn't. No way another radid fire.
                        And there as i strode into the board shop and beholding me a 6'6" V4 winked at me. Before I could do a thing my wallet jumped out and before I could do anything, I am driving up the road with the thing in the back with me wondering what the hell was all that about?
                        Well at least it wasn't a vanguard. I was true to half of my word. Perhaps with that thought I can live with myself. Will be very annoyed though if this doesn't last more than a few months.

                        Love the shape of it. And it has a nose. Xmas has come early!!


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                          Denchy let us know how it goes I have been tempted to get a 6'6" as well, however I am trying to hold back as the Vanguard 6'2" has no issues I would just be indulging in something I really do not quite need.