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  • LFT - Please explain

    hey FW - obviously without revealing too much ip - what is the new LFT string made of ?
    is it simply a higher density foam or foam wrapped in carbon ?

    will it be more expensive that FST ? or less ?
    or less than RAPIDFIRE

    is it stronger or lighter overall ?

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    Yes I thought the same thing. Is it just rapidfire technology with a higher density deck & carbon stringer? If so the sides & underneath will not be as strong as FST??


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      From the website i am GUESSING its more like rapidfire (skin on the deck only...) the models listed for release in this build style include wuite a few with serious bottom contours so that hints that way too i suppose... heres the build tech section of the website...


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        I reckon a Nano would be right up your alley Justin.


        • Freshiedude
          Freshiedude commented
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          You read my mind Mr Cuttlefish I can't decide between a 6 or 6'2 in FST. How is your Baked? Did you change from a 5'11 to a 5'9? Can you order a Nano FST in different colour than white as a blue one would not go brown over time

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        My take is that it's an improved RF tech. The high density foam stringer running the whole length of the board should give it a more even flex with less risk of buckling. The rails, deck and bottom will all have the same impact strength as RF unless the glassing schedule has changed.


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          If I buy one and I probably will it will be a 6'2" as the potatonator I had was a 6'2" with 44 litres and was perfect. Should have kept that one. Changing to the 6'4" was a big mistake.
          Yep, moved down to the 5'9" baked (timbertek and 43 litres) and couldn't be happier.Didn't lose and appreciable paddle power. Love riding it in 3' plus where I can get some serious speed out of it.
          If I wasn't almost 51 I would surely be on a 5'5 or 5'7" but I don't mind the added paddleability.
          Hope you well and getting some waves. Cyclone brewing up North albeit a little speedy one.


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            I'm sceptical about a foam stringer, but I won't knock anything before trying it for myself. From I understand the LFT will be stronger than rapid fire. Having read what tomo said on the ASL 2014 board guide(re nano). And it looks like it will replace rapid fire, which I was not a fan of. But the only reason being that the carbon rods weren't strong enough (debatable I know), I'm not sure his much testing firewire did with different densities, widths and thicknesses of carbon rods, but they can always be adjusted. Look at windsurfing masts or golf sticks for example. All that aside the vanguard looks sick in LFT and I can't wait to try.


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              similar weight to r/f.. but looking to be stronger again... but remember, r/f was a lot stronger than standard boards anyway...and had none of the deterioration issues of p/u p/e ... lft instead of the rods, has a composite center stringer stopping just shy of the top deck so you still get nice all the low swing weight and direct feel with even more snap strength... my vanguard is already locked in... they are not quite finished baking yet though...
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                Core I ordered my nano 6'2" LFT this week it was about this time last year when I ordered my Vanguard which will have to be put to rest for over use, could not be happier,just thought I would try a Nano.


                • justo
                  justo commented
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                  Nn66. I'm also looking at a 602 Nano. What weight are you? (If you don't mind me asking)

                • nn66
                  nn66 commented
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                  Justo, sorry for the late reply I am 103kgs. I am told I am getting my Nano LFT this week.

                • Peterleo
                  Peterleo commented
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                  I'm 6,3 91 kgs and using a 5 6 vg in steep walls and a 5, 7 for slow point breaks . I use futures AMT s that Rob machado uses on his smaller boards. Sometimes with the rear trailer fin or a shapers Darcy drive as the centre fin

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                Anyone got any more experience with LFT? How's it looking/feeling?


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                  Yes I'm keen to hear more too.
                  Been demoing the Rapidfire Vanguard over the last month, settled on the right size and now just need to order.
                  My shop guy tells me LFT will be this or next month but the FST is readilly available.
                  I love the feel of my Rapidfire Baked Potato but everyone says FST is more durable.
                  Can anyone offer some first hand experience on the preferred construction/suitability for the Vanguard.

                  And just to complicate things talk of the Vader makes me want to know more on this one before I buy.

                  Surely there are some answers out there


                  • Phill
                    Phill commented
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                    If you're rough on your boards FST is a given. If you don't bash the rails and bottom of your boards around and want super light and lively then LFT will feel good.
                    The balsa rails and HD bottom skin of FST is much more durable than 4oz E glass over light weight EPS on the RF/LFT boards but there's a little more weight with FST.

                  • nn66
                    nn66 commented
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                    I had two FST and both delaminated I am very heavy on front foot. My RF have all been great they depess and thats it they are rock solid. I will say though my RF Vanguard did delaminate after 12 months however that is the only board I have ridden for 12 months 4 times a week so I am not complaining. My recommendation is get LFT and it cheaper and I think it will perform better when its actually available, i have been waiting since January for a Nano.

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                  Thanks guys.
                  I'm new to the Forum, but see it as an excellent opportunity to get info from guys like yourselves.

                  I'm pretty sure now I'll stay with the LFT, I know it's new, but I do like the lively feel of the RF currently,
                  from all accounts LFT will be an improvement on the RF technology.

                  I'm definitely not hard on boards and although have had many many boards over a lifetime of surfing, I never busted one.

                  Last thing
                  THE VADER

                  Anyone got any info.
                  Thinking about dimensions compared to the Vanguard.
                  Comparable sizing.
                  Ease of surfing & wave catching
                  A couple of the shots I see around it appears it may be a little wider that the Vanguards of same length.

                  Anyway thanks again for info so far and coming up.


                  • aurfalien
                    aurfalien commented
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                    Well, I havn't surfed any Tomos (yet that is, mwa ha ha haaaaa...), in general if the Vader (which I am excited about) is wider, its got to be easier to surf.

                    Some one posted 2nd hand info, that the Vader was a batter ride then the VG. There FW dealer loved the Vader and haven't surfed the VG since. It was a brief but very interesting message and made me froth a bit more.

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                  I got some inside info that the Vader size that I wanted (5'5) is not being made, so it's 5'4 or 5'6 for me. I'm 6ft and 77kg, so better to go for the 5'4?


                  • Phill
                    Phill commented
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                    Unless you're going custom you need to go with which one is going to fit your weight best. I reckon at our weight around 27 litres is ideal with the next gen shapes.
                    Hopefully they stagger the volumes from the vanguard volumes and fill in the gaps.

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                  That's stirred the pot.
                  Looks like there is some info out there on the Vader.
                  Hopefully someone has got some real info on the next fleet of Tomo boards.

                  OK I'm going to hang out for the LFT and if new technology comes with some new models I'm going to go with that.
                  At a mid 70's kg but an ugly age I'd love to see the Vader specs sooner rather than later.
                  A 5'4 with around the 28/29 litre range would suit me fine.
                  Send the Spy's out and get us some real info I can't sleep at night.


                  • philosurfical
                    philosurfical commented
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                    Twiggy, check out the Japanese Nano volume at 5'4". I started a thread on it over in the Nano section.

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                  Phill, I was looking at a custom Evo, but the email responses from Tomo's guy have dried up...

                  I'm hoping for a Firewire Vader 5'4 in the 27L volume range. Word on the grapevine is that the Vaders are a little wider, so the shorter boards could have a bit more volume. I guy on the Surfer Mag forum said he felt-up a rep's prototype, and the rep said it was sexy...