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  • Tomo VG sizing again- Smaller, older surfer

    Current firewire: 5'0" Sweet Potato

    In reality, stopped surfing for 6 years due to motocross...3-4 years before that, would only go out 5-10 times a year. Approaching 40 and have been working hard to get my abilties back up. Moved out to the beach, cardio exercises, surf exercises, mobility, flexibility, etc... Getting it all together. I'm in the water all the time.

    My go to board is the SP for everything up to headhigh the awesome and very fast...
    I demo'd a 5'2 but went with the 5'0 because I was just getting back into surfing...could have went with a 408 or 410, but I was afraid of the paddling issue and honestly, i love the way the 502 rode...the 5' 0 SP is probably a tad floaty but I feel it works

    I am very torn between the 5'3, 5'4, and 5'5. I am leaning towards the 5'4".

    Although my swag is coming back and I am getting much more fit each month, my brain says stick with the 5'5 but that may be the age talking...ha ha

    I spoke with Josh...good guy...He recommended the 5'4 or even the 5'3"

    I'm looking to get the Vanguard in FST with FCS...

    My info:
    5'6" ish...ha
    125lbs or 56.69 kil
    Intermediate/Advanced yet very rusty but it's coming back
    I guess I am intermediate for this post
    Fitness is coming up...Current I would say above average fitness but not crazy fit
    paddling power- not sure really...i feel strong at times but lets say average
    NE Florida waves- small, mushy typically

    What are your recommendations?
    Fin advice for my size would be great as well

    Thanks All!

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    I'm 5'7", 135 LB, 49 y/o, advanced surfer and I have a 5'4" Vanguard in RF. Only reason I didn't get the 5-3 is because it wasn't in any of the nearby shops. It is my lowest volume board and it's also my favorite. I've done my best turns ever on the VG, so the extra energy spent catching a wave is worth it. You should get the 5'3", at 125 LB it has the volume of a full on groveller for you.


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      yeah or even 5'2!


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        Thanks guys...

        Just through pure coincidence, an employee at a local surfshop had a 5' 6" that he let me borrow for a few hours. I was checking out a 5'4" rapid with FFS that they had and he said...I got one, Take it out....

        Superclean, 1.5-2ft jax florida surf...

        The board was very fun, paddled well, and got into the waves pretty easy. Rode it as a Thruster with some Channel Island fins...

        You could almost feel the board get on plane and lift. It was a rocket after that. I'm sold.

        Thanks Josh and Chris at Firewire for their input as well...I reached out to Chris via email and he got back to me very quickly...IMO

        If you're in Jacksonville, Florida...Go to Sunrise surfshop and hit up Garrett to purchase one of these...Cool guy and very generous for letting me borrow his board without really knowing me to well. I am not affiliated nor am I receiving any special deals...

        Love the firewire mentality and the customer service...

        Wish we had some color options...

        Ordered a 5' 3" in FST with FCS...a few months to come in but no worries...I'll ride the SP til then!!

        Wish we had some color options

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