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  • Vanguard impressions/thoughts

    I have had my vanguard for 2 months now and read these threads and now thought I would contribute. These boards are definitely unlike any other and are the future.

    The boards go are good in all waves but the magic is unleashed smooth,steep or fast down the line waves like I had today where it goes ballistic.

    In most boards they tend to squirt off a bottom turn, a vanguard squirts continuously like a water blaster.

    The hard edges of the board, wide tail/nose make it slightly less agile to negotiate differing angles and slopes on an ever changing wave faces like a rounded tail would be able to. I guess this may be decreased in the other board models with MPH bottoms in them.

    I can't really do floater/foam climbs on it which I thinks is related to the wide nose and being unable to suck the nose up to the roof of the wave quickly, possibly it is something to do with the deep single concave on it. Again this attribute is probably negated on the V2 or Nano models.

    Not that I am trying to be negative about this board, it absolutely rocks.

    I Have a 5'6 I am 72 kgs. I wish I had a little less volume but I wear a 5mm wettie in winter so its all good. I use K3's on the outside with a slightly smaller trailer fin.

    Does anyone use K2.1's on there board gonna try some of my mates tomorrow. How about fins with some flex in them does it give the board a bit more twang/ flick in turns?

    would love to hear some feedback. If had the money I would buy 5 tomo boards but my wife would kill me

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    hey bruce, cool - i personally thought the vanguard was the easiest board to go vertical on, more so because your able to stand on the tail of the board, right from the get go.
    haven't used k2's but a mate has them and swears by them, i personally hate all core lite fins, why?- 1 i think they don't flex as well as pure fibre glass fins and 2 - i think core lite is a marketing gimmick, used to reduce manufacturing costs.


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      Riding them smaller definitely helps with quick adjustments and makes them super agile. It does make them hard work in shifty, rippy line ups though. I found my 5'6 FW to be weird on floaters and foam climbs too actually. It had a habit of losing the edge and going sideways and dropping down backwards. Maybe I needed to adjust technique. I haven't had that issue on my custom 5'4 though. The hard edge was softened further forward on this one so maybe that's helping it to grip in, I'm not sure. I've used WCTs which is the futures equivalent which work well. They give you a little tighter snap. I've used the EA Blackstix too which have a lot of flex and twang. They do give you a nice slingshot out of turns which is great when it's smaller or softer, but in more powerful waves I've been preferring the instant response of solid fibreglass fins.


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        I have a 5'6" as well. Currently 91.7kgs and turn 48 this year. For me I reckon it climbs the foam as soon as I think "this looks like a good section to float over". Likewise I love the slide - recover on a full cutback to foam bounce. Riding 3 fins only so far - HS large for waist to over head high and if it's a little choppy. KRacing Parko CarboTune when it's chest to well over-head and smooth faces. Nice and whippy. Only a handful of surfs so far but loving it and enjoying how it can still surf the small stuff.


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          Cheers for the replies. Interesting comments vortex, I am a goofy foot front foot surfer and I constantly hear that the board is a back foot board so that is where the difference might be for me. It is quite sweet though because It is forcing me to change my style a it. I also didn't have a grip pad on it until a week ago and now I can trust planting my backfoot more now.


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            Have 3 sets of fins I've used with my 5'6 - k2.1 in small punchy waves, great fun, super loose - h3 nexus, large in the front and medium in the centre. My all round set up, great drive from the large fronts but still a good amount of looseness due to the smaller trailer. - parko carbotune for when things get bigger, great hold and drive


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              Would not definitely go too short on theses ones, the reduced dimensions might make it a challenge to paddle around specially on bigger better days and beach breaks


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                I have ridden the V4 510 or the Vanguard 5'6" for about 9 months as my two main boards. The Vanguard is taken out in glassy or light offshore conditions only as I have found that it does not work all with chop or typical afternoon wind bump. I've found that stiff fins in a thruster set up worked well but I love using the Sea Shepard twin fin set up with a small 2 inch trailer works very well in all conditions. This combo gives you crazy drive into the flats and still is very loose off the top. -Hope that helps- Anthony


                • Peterleo
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                  hi, these r fantastic fins, use them on my fishtail, go like a try fin on speeeeed. easy paddling. As in earlier posts i use the Futures AMT with a Darc drive centre fin. This goes from flat working waves to barrels sections amazingly. I use the Futures K2 keel for Dbah with out any other fins except box fillers. board goes in a straight line about warp speed across unmakable sections. although my arms get really tired trying to hold it at a steady speed as I'm standing up after the fourth wave. I then put Rusty Blackstix in , slow enough for take off then speed. The FST is also a lot more responsive in turns, I've had three of the rapid-fire, but the FST is the business.

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                Hey anthony thats a fin combo i have been thinking about for a while! Even to try in my 509 chubby chedda... You mean the black dave rastovich sea shepherd twin keel fins right? And some kind of nubsteresque center fin.... What nub center do you use for future boxes? I was looking at the darc drive from shapers, its very minamilist though do you think a slightly bigger one would be better?


                • Peterleo
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                  hi , no the Darc drive is the perfect size, anything bigger and its too hard to get waves.

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                I have been surfing a 5'11 Vanguard for around 3-4 weeks and absolutely love it. It work really well in Oceanside in all sorts of conditions from 2' to overhead, rough to glassy - the only time it didn't work great for me was when I switched it from riding the Seaworthy Quad set I have to the Jordy tri-fin setup - it just felt sluggish so I stayed away from the tri-fin setups.

                What I was super impressed about was how well it surfed last week - I was with the family on Kauai surfing Hanalei Bay all week at overhead to double overhead conditions all week and the board felt as loose and as stable in those conditions as it did in 2' Oceanside beach break - it held in, turned amazing and absolutely flew down the line - it also dropped in easy, didn't pearl one time all week and it seems like I should have on a few of the drops I took. One time I bottom turned so hard at Hanalei I almost pulled my groin which was very strange (the corresponding lip smack was awesome) and I am still stretching that groin strain this week to get it back to full health - this board responds amazing off the bottom - no issues with floaters or anything else, only the one tri-fin issue.

                Only downside to that trip was getting stuck in the rock garden when paddling in from a session there without recognizing the tide had dropped and I added 4 dings to the bottom of the board which I promptly grabbed a few stickers at Hanalei surf to cover up - had to paddle toward the pier to get out of the rock garden. Also gained another ding on the nose of the board flying home - thanks Alaskan Airlines.


                • Goanna
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                  Hey Gary what's your stats? height weight age tec etc

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                That's interesting that you didn't like the Jordy thruster setup...I ride my 503 VG with large Jordys and love it. Glad its working for you well in O-side and Kuai though!

                - FIJ


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                  I am 6'0, 43yrs old, 205lbs Goanna

                  Yeah Josh, those Jordy's didn't work right for me - I always seem to surf better the more speed I have and the quad does just that.

                  Currently dropping weight and will move down to the 5'10 this summer when I shed my winter wetsuit weight for even more responsiveness - hard to believe it could get any better.

                  Its also really interesting how many people walk up to you when you get done with a session and ask about the board - it creates new friends :-)


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                    im about 147 whats that like 65-66 kg? im on a 5'4" VG and it riiiiiiiiiiips! i have only surfed it as a thruster using futures rob machado's. ive had no reason to even try another setup (if it aint broke dont fix it). the thing does not ride like a 5'4"...i was really surprised at how well it held in steep overhead assuming because of the parallel rails giving more effective edge to borrow a snowboard term. its the lowest volume board i surf and ive been really happy with the way it paddles...not only into waves, but getting to the lineup. at first i was skeptical about the way the board looked and how small it was but i fell in love with it at a demo (thanks chuy). i havent groveled with it (those waves are reserved for the sweet potato or quadfish) usually goes out on chest high plus days...glassy, windy, high tide mushers, low tide speed does it all. the only complaint i have about the board is always getting stopped to answer everyones damn questions!!! haha


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                      Yo Josh you dont like your machados in the VG? Im guessing the jordys for a bit more fin area?


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                        Cool wroboman!

                        I think 147lbs is just shy of 67kg. Im a little heavier than you tend to be in the 67-70kg range depending on what ive been eating and doing...

                        Do you feel like you could go down a size to either the 502 or 501 (both about 23L, 503 and 504 are both about 26L).

                        Good to here your machados go well in it i love mine in my chubby chedda!


                        • wroboman
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                          i dont think i would go to a smaller board...this is already at the bottom as far as volume goes in my quiver and the way it is now i feel like my feet are in the perfect spot on the board...thinking a shorter board might put my front foot a little forward of where the sweet spot would be. ill have to demo one the next time they come around