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  • Vanguard sizes +/-1" very similar volume... Aus Surf Convention on the Goldy

    Popped down the rode to the convention center yesterday for the australian surfing convention.

    It was like a trade show type thing, thought it was a bit pricey at $14 entry but got some free mags and wax and stickers and other junk. Wasnt really that much going on but some cool different people to talk to and a few nifty designs and ideas people were trying to get off the ground. Think they are giving away a nano amongst other things today and a gopro on each day! Got a bjj comp in a bit tho so sadly wont be there to try and get my hands on some prizes!

    Anyway one of the highlights was just the general froth going on at the firewire stall. The fst new models are looking sick. A lot of froth going on for the chubby chedda and A LOT of froth for the VG.

    One of the guys from down at currumbin said hes got the 502 demo in his shed so hel get that to the HQ and il definitely be making a trip to demo it! He was saying i could def get away with the 501 or 502 which are very similar volume.

    So that leads me nicely on to my discussion topic... How have people decided whether to go for the longer or shorter of each volume bracket? ie the boards maintain a very similar volume for 2 single inch size increments then drop volume again for the next 2 (have a look on the website if you dont know what i mean). I assume its just so people can really dial in the length and volume they want. For me im pretty short and stocky but overall a small/light guy so i imagine if i would go either the 501 or 503 depending on the volume i want....

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    I'm about 6ft, 165lbs and ride the 503 and that's perfect for me. You could probably go with the 501 then based on what you're saying. What's your height/ weight?

    - FIJ


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      It sounds that way josh... im actually super light at the moment i was in a bjj competiton yesteray and it was crazy hot so have been keeping my weight in check plus got v dehydrated i was 66kg this monring! i would say usually a realistic weight for me is anywhere 67-70kg and im about 5'7 maybe 5'8. 501 just seems tiny but i suppose thats the point! just need some decent conditions here to go take that 502 demo out in! sadly we just had a N'ly change which basically means not much swell, cold brown water, bull sharks and no sheltered spots... shouldnt last too long though...

      what wave type/size do you recommend i try to demo in? i was tihnking 3-4ft and probably take it to one of the points (currumbin is closest to the firewire hq)...


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        Ya you want to ride the VG pretty short. The nice thing about such a short, high performance board is that it just feels like a continuation of my feet, going exactly where I want it to go. The better the waves are, the better the VG goes. I think the ideal VG conditions are 6-8ft. glassy waves. People rave about the board in double overhead and triple over head surf as well.

        Generally the VG doesn't like choppy conditions. The corners of the nose tend to catch on chops and throw you off. A 3-4ft day, if the waves are punchy and clean, can also be very fun with the VG, but if it's mushy at all then the VG won't be optimal to take out. Try the 501 and the 502 at the demo, but I have a feeling the 501 might be better for you.

        - FIJ


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          Thanks Josh invaluable insight and advice as awlays! Would 6-8ft not be double overhead+? Or i guess we are talking surfable face height? (that old chesnut...) Im hoping that the hype is justified as right now i feel like riding a 23L 501 in DOH is crazy talk!

          Theres the 502 to demo just gotta wait for some surf, i believe theres a S'ly change in the post and some swell with it so maybe after the weekend will be the best shout, just need to borrow someones car as the clutch on my work patrol is still waiting to get fixed (i miss my surf hog!). Went for a swim this monring and it was glorious warm crystal clear water but high tide and kinda on shore with barely any swell, dont tihnk i couldve even got a wave on my 27.5L chubby so far from VG testing conditions!