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  • Is the VG for a barney?

    Sadly, I am such barney. While I am one of the best surfers in the water according to this definition;

    The best one out is the one having the most fun

    My skillz have yet to be desired. I do try hard and am very consciences, thinking, analyzing, learning, etc...

    But is the VG for barnoze? I've read where its an easy board to surf. But ppl doing reviews like core and phil, absolutely rip I'm sure of it.

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    VERY easy to a wide range of conditions...almost like cheating... but still turns and reacts as well as a potato chip.... DONT buy it too big tho... the 506 out paddles AND out surfs my 602 MB..

    oh, and the only thing about me that rips is my lower back...!!! about to go gently paddle to the point and back now to see if i can get off the bed again..!!


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      im looking forard to demoing a 502 from currumbin firewire and thinking if the hype is justified i might end up with a 501... If that thing paddles well i will be very impressed! iv only "really" been urfing about 2 years since i moved to the gold coast, well what i mean by that is having my own board and going regularly, previously was just jumping in the car with mates in the uk and surfing whatever was going begging haha but that was since 16 so def helped loads, anyway im fit and my surfings come a long way since then but il let you know how a kooksville barno goes on a tiny VG aurfalien!

      good luck with thee paddle and the back core.


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        It's a stable shape with plenty of natural speed which is great for anyone. Go too big though and turning gets more awkward.


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          a quick 8 laps around the navigation buoy on the v4.. similar paddle across the flats as the VG except through the side on rollers just beyond the boats over the reefs drop off. then it ploughs in and pushes water a bit and loses its glide.. VG would not catch water here... felt like razor blades between the vertebrae by the time i got home... i'll leave standing up till next week..!!


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            Still doing my head in this one. I want to go small for optimum performance but can't see myself struggling to paddle around the line up chasing waves!


            • Phill
              Phill commented
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              they aren't a board for big paddles, rips, and shifty line ups imo.
              a nice lined up, consistent day in the 2-4ft range and you're living the dream.

              I've been surfing mine as a one board quiver from July until now in 1ft weak summer crap to 1.5 overhead, windy, rippy stuff with loads of power. It's do-able in all of that but can feel a bit sticky when it's too weak and small, but even at waist high with a good shape and a bit of punch it will fly.
              It's a bit of an effort to paddle around the line up when it's big, stormy and rippy but it handles the actually surfing side of it great. I don't might a bit of a grind sometimes but there's been sessions where I wished I had a V4 or something similar with a litre or 2 more volume as a step up in those conditions so I'd have a bit more paddle power and glide in the line up.

              My favourite conditions are when it's chest to overhead with good shape, calm surface conditions and plenty of peaks up and down the beach. Very little effort catching waves and nothing is more fun once you're up and riding.

              I tried a stock 5'6 which was a fraction over my normal volume and I had glimmers of performance but mostly I was fighting the board to get it around in cutbacks and felt a little disengaged to the face on bigger, more powerful stuff. Riding a under-volumed custom 5'4 and everything clicks.
              I know it's dangerous to recommend keeping to lower volumes but this shape really does work better smaller. It's just not suited to every surfer and every conditions. That's my take.
              Oh and for the record I don't absolutely rip haha.

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            Thanks Phil - do you think it is possible to get a happy medium?


            • Phill
              Phill commented
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              Yeah it's gotta be. It's just finding it!
              Thicker centre line, thin rails, a touch more curve in the tail width to compensate the extra centre width maybe. Relaxing the entry rocker a little if your conditions allow...
              It's all balance.
              With stock sizes I guess you'd just have to find the best compromise.

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            Phill's comments are a pretty good assessment. On the right waves in the right conditions great board, but will wear you down when constantly fighting against rips and so on. Once on the wave so long as there is a wall it will fly, almost pointless taking it out in waves that go fat on themselves in an instant.I am thinking of getting a 5'9 for smaller/weaker days just to see how it feels and maybe even for the rippy days. I recall the Hawaiians seemed to be riding them bigger and having no problems paddling them around.