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  • A slightly different take

    Hi All, firstly this forum has been great as a source of information on the Vanguard and as I was unable to demo, it was the main factor in purchasing one.

    Some background - I am 53 with 40 years experience, pretty fit - surf 5-6 time per week plus Mtn Bike. Strong lower body, rode the dreaded SUPs (short HP customs) for a couple of years.

    Got back into surfing short boards last Nov, started with a 6'8" x 21" then bought a 5'6" Sweet Potato and that was it - hooked on speed and shortness.

    The VG was an obvious choice to me as a step up for 3-6 feet. Not wanting to drop too much in volume however I agonised over what size, particularly as all the feedback on here suggests going quite short. I am 5'9" 82kg (180lbs) in boardies and ride a mix of chunky beach breaks and sucky reefs (in autumn/winter) on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

    Anyway I went with the 5'9" with 35.6 lts volume - for me this is perfect. I ride it with large area thrusters. It paddles very well, I can compete well for waves and get into bigger/slabby stuff fairly early. Have had it in 2 foot beaches, 3-4 foot point and 16 sec 2 x OH dredging reef. As long as there is a wall it flies in the small stuff. If it's too fat and weak then the SP is the better option.

    What really surprised me however was it's ability in the big stuff we had here 10 days ago - 16 sec 3 meter east swell (12 foot faces) on one of our tricky reef/points. Lots of water movement, some chop on the face and big bowls. The thing went insane, held it's line through turns with incredible drive - never even looks like nose diving either. This board is insane for forehand cutbacks.

    The most impressive thing however is its ability to go vertical up the face and from the posts I read on here regarding going too long, I thought this might be an issue. It also climbs whitewater very easily.

    Overall the best board I have ridden by a long way even though technically it is both too long and too buoyant to be the ideal size for my weight. Maybe this is the ticket if you want one for bigger surf?

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    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew........!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!


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      Yeeeeeeeeewwwwww, that thing is so quick!!


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        Glad someone in Sydney scored good on the VG last week. I missed out due to so many stupid reasons. Still, going to Vicco for autumn should make me happy again.


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          this bit of east swell has been so good


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            Stoked to hear your love for the VG. When you get it dialed, that board truly feels like an extension of your legs, going precisely where you want it to go, and it sounds like you experienced just that!

            - FIJ


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              Nice post for your first one Curly! Welcome aboard.

              I have been eying off a 5'9 especially in the new FST. The extra volume for those smaller days might just the ticket...sounds like it serves well for bigger ones too. FokaiHI went big and never regretted it, reckoned he could catch heaps of waves. When I first got my 5'8 I caught less waves for a number of reasons 1) because of less paddle power 2) because in sucky late takeoffs entry had to be just right. With time that has improved a lot but paddling over longer distances or against rips it doesn't compete with my spitfire or hellrazor.


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                Cheers Slowman. Yeah I find the extra volume def helps with getting in a bit earlier on the sucky late takeoffs. I have the FST version, not sure if there is any difference but I am astounded by how much concave it has - such a sic looking board, esp with the timber rails. I am considering a volume drop with either a 5'7" VG or a 5'9" Nano for those nice clean, less intense days on the local reefs.


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                  Board gets better and better, had it in a lot of gnarly reef/point stuff recently. Was 2 x OH this morning and felt great when I could scratch in over the ledge. Here's some pics from Sat in Sydney before swell really kicked in:


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                    Hi Curlybloke,

                    How good was the point on Saturday! Saw you grabbing some awesome ones and was making me think that maybe I need to pull the trigger on VG or V4!!! Seriously I watched you take a stack of waves, the rail to rail motion you were getting was awesome. I was sitting inside on the shoulder looking for dregs when people missed the take-off, I brought my Spitfire down, really not a good board choice for the day but still got some nice ones, especially when I went over in front of the club house. Check out surfphotosofyou, Michael shot Dee Why point a little later in the day than Don did, it got seriously big (some looked nearly 3x overhead!!!

                    Went to Manly yesterday and paddled out at Queensie, it was even bigger than the point on Sat morning but not really makeable. The Bower looked epic.


                    • curlybloke
                      curlybloke commented
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                      Hey Monty, yeah good fun, was cranking this morning and yesterday as well. Yeah loving this board, still can't figure out how something with such a wide tail doesn't get weird on the bigger stuff, it's such a quick ride.

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                    Hello, I have a vanguard rapidfire 5.6 and I want to buy a fst. has anyone tried both vanguard technologies in 5.6? have you noticed any difference in buoyancy, weight, maneuverability etc or are negligible differences? Thanks


                    • Sarge
                      Sarge commented
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                      Had both in the 5'6", still have the fst. There is a noticeable difference in weight and therefore a performance loss in smaller waves. The rest is negligible IMO, but then there is the added durability of the fst.