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  • Downsizing a vanguard/nano

    Hey all,

    I have been really enjoying a 5'11 - 39.4L vanguard (I am 6' 200lbs) and I want to keep it and also add either a 5'9 or 5'10 vanguard or a 5'10 nano for more sensitivity and fun when I shed the winter wetsuit. The dims and liters are as follows:

    5'9 VG - 19 1/4" x 2 11/16" - 35.6L

    5'10 VG - 19 3/4" x 2 5/8" - 35.7L

    5'10 Nano - 19 3/4 x 2 5/8" - 35.7 L

    There all roughly about 4 liters difference - one thing that stands out to me is that their is only a .1 liter difference between the 5'9 and 5'10 VG and I need to really understand how the overall height, width and thicknesses of those two boards translate to the water in order to understand which is better - I want the more high performance side.

    Also I haven't ridden the nano and after reading the reviews it seems mixed on whether the nano or vanguard would be more suitable for me (I surf beach break in Oceanside, Ca typically), but I would definitely want the higher performance board of the two, whichever that may be.

    Need your help on these factors - would really appreciate it firewire community.



    P.S. the vanguard is an outstanding board - I have surfed it in 2' slop all the way to double overhead juice in Hawaii and has surfed amazing in all conditions for me.

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    4 litres is a fair drop in volume and you will notice it. If you have no problems surfing the 5'11 VG then drop down to a 5'9 for sure it will preform heaps better. I always thing if you have a few kgs to loose and your wifes nagging you about the beer gut, getting a lower volume board is a good incentive. I always go the old school volume test HP board sitting in the water board fully submerged water up to upper chest, multi purpose between nipples and belly button and full groveller just above belly. Wetsuit will effect your volume so do that in just boardies. When in fully wettie over winter i stick to my muti purpose board just to assist with the rubber factor. Also if you already have a VG and happy with it get the Nano, try demo one for volume preference because when i demo both i found the higher volumed Nano didn't feel over volumed but the VG did, if that makes sense. A few crew i know with VG's have said you want it so you can slide the VG under your chin with out adjusting your stance. A few guys i know went to small and others to big and they all say the chin is the right height if the volume matches. good luck making the right choice its a hard one.


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      Thanks seabass.

      I think I understand your volume comment to mean that the VG is a better paddler than the nano - which one surfed better for you?

      Still confused with the length of the VG in relation to its width and thickness for the 5'9 & 5'10 with only .1 difference in volume - Just don't know enough about surf design to make an educated guess on the effects of that - anyone know?


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        I haven't ridden the VG, but I do have a nano. I'd be shocked if the VG paddled better than the nano. The nano paddles like a dream, and given how short guys are riding the VG I imagine you have to fight quite a bit harder on it.

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      Tried the nano today at firewire demo in oceanside - it was 31 liters but I was still able to surf it surprisingly - seemed more forgiving than the vanguard, I really liked it and will get the 5'10 - already love the vanguard so having both is a must for me. Also tried the v4 and double agent and found that I still liked the nano the best, even being on the smallish side. Thanks for doing the demo Chuy, it was good to meet you - you were one of my favorite surfers growing up, killing at the first contest I ever went to years ago and you probably surf just as good or better now. Fun times


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        Found the VG easier to paddle into moves Nano easier to paddle around the lineup. Get both then you have the flexability, jealous i can only afford one at the moment. I am hoping Tomo and FW will bring out a real groveller something for 0-3ft range.