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  • Vangaurd replacing my Spitfire

    Anyone else having the same problem I am having as I select and buy more Firewire boards than I need? I loved my Spitfire but really feel the Vangaurd has begun to creep into my quiver and slowly replace it. It turns better, handles bigger waves, turns better, makes sections I would not previously make and paddles better. So sad to say all that, as I love that board as I took it out after surfing the VG and it seemed sluggish and slow and not as maneuverable.

    Let me know if anyone is having similar issues.

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    Yeah, a few boards have gone by the wayside after the Vg. It such a good daily driver and makes most other boards pale. Just the feel which is hard to describe and somewhat addictive. Down to a 3 board quiver, V4 for step up and steep/slab takeoff and which still has that magical feel of the VG and DA for fat waves. Although I find the DA challenges the appeal of the Vg with a comparable looseness - love both. Basically if I had to choose 1 board, VG Vader will be a muset have


    • aurfalien
      aurfalien commented
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      The DA note is VERY interesting indeed. I've been patiently waiting for the Vader and reckon of the MPH class, it will come down to VG or Vader for me. I am going to order a DA to replace by slowly fading beloved RF BP however. I wished it were offered in LFT though as I do prefer the RF feel.

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    Yeah the vanguard got me hook, line and sinker. I got rid of all my standard boards and built a quiver around the MPH principles.


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      ^ Agreed, the VG and MPH boards are quite incredible.


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        Just wondering if I was the only one out there going through some board mid life crisis changes. I surfed the BP for anything smaller than 3 foot and can't say enough about that as well. I am going to be selling my Spitty, oh well gotta make room for other boards. Loved that board!!! I guess the experience on the VG is so amazing that I can't look back.


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          a timely thread as my replacement got here today.. been riding all sorts while waiting but i expect they will all gather dust again.. one board quiver... will i like the lft flex as much??????.. dead flat as i write this at 9am but expecting a rapid jump to 8-10ft (real 8-10ft) any hour now and building to a possible 12-15ft.. what a day to get the new VG.. wonder how long i hold off before coming in for a sunset gun??? or just coming in with my tail between my legs like the aging wimp i have become...!!!!.. lower back is out of whack so i have a "semi legitimate" excuse for wimpimng out..!!


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            Oh Core! That thing is so beautiful. Have you read about anyone that has ridden that thing in big surf like that. I rode it 6-7 foot and it was fine. I think it prefers a wave to groveling as everyone has said. I would definitely wimp out. I have been surfing twice a day for almost a month and my body hurts all over I need a break. I have had 4 swells in a row here in Mexico. I leave for the mountains in 2 days so it is bitter sweet. ( I have a had a couple of lay days, but for the most part I have been charging)


            • core personal training
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              i used to ride the RF version in up to 8ft (hawaiian) and in slabby long as you can get to your feet the board gets better and better the bigger it gets and the faster you a tow board.. but it still loves small stuff too... just back from a quick test on the lft... swell was just jacking up and was really warped and had gale force FREEZING sideshores (at least beach was deserted) so only got a few weird head high+ waves.. twice it smoothed out for me to put the boot in and the LFT feels pretty alive hooking thru reo's and cutty's.. probably have to wait til next week when the surf backs off to really test will be interesting as i'm a lot lighter this time around... sounds like you've had fun over there..!!

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            Core your taunting me.
            Those shots of your new LFT Vanguard look so good.
            Mines coming, like Christmas, but before, I hope, but with FCS11 fins.
            I'm off Nth Coast this weekend and will be wishing every day I had my Vanguard.
            Everyone is posting lately how great these new MPH's are,
            and how they are turning peoples ideas of boards around.
            Next trip in September will surely see me with my new Vanguard.
            Fingers Crossed.


            • core personal training
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              ha twiggy, your going to follow this swell up there...!!.. drop in here if your feeling superhuman... not that i am.. getting old and sooky.. probably sit the 15ft stuff out or check a few phantom slabs/reefs that are tucked away and smaller and only break when the ocean is far as i'm aware i got the first lft vg in the country..very privileged.. keen to give it a good run to compare with the RF version which was probably the best full performance board i have ever ridden..(and I've ridden a lot).. two other challengers come to mind, both Nevs.. if you get the points firing up there, go to FW command HQ and shout yourself a flexfire r-pin/step up.. hope your VG is here soon and make sure its not too big, cant stress that bit enough..
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            Core, what are the other 2 boards that compete with the VG?


            • core personal training
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              a couple of Nevs from the vault..there's probably a half dozen really, but one 6'6 semi-banana with hard thin rails all the way up so i could claw the face with both feet, a fairly narrow nose and narrow round/pin. that could shred 2 footers as well as mountains and the first 6'3 thumb tail Nev shaped me when i came back down off my decade of 6'6's. it was basically the first of when comp style boards got to the point they are still at now. that one was from some time in the 90's. don't remember exactly when, but we had just got over the full banana slater/herring wars.

              oh, and a classic channeled 6'3 diamond tail Nev shaped for a mutual friend (RIP) that he had gifted to me that i treasure. its from the dawn of the thruster era. imagine Burleigh, Drouyn, man on man stubbies etc. it has sentimental value and i will never surf it again but like to keep it close and let memories of our mate and the feeling of a magic board under my feet in my prime flood back. i would like to get Nev back in the shaping bay (if he remembers where it is in the computer age.!!) to replicate it.

              would these boards stand up in pure performance terms against our current technology and shapes.? i think in waves they were designed for they could hold their own. day to day maybe not. but then again.............
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            Oooo, that was good. Thanks for sharing as I know how that goes. One of my personal favorite shapers died recently and the board he shaped me is a treasure. I totally get. Really happy with what I am surfing now and am looking forward to the future as I keep going smaller and smaller. Was on a 6'2 Futura, then a 6'2" DOM, then a 6'0" Spit and then a 5'10 VG and a 5'7" BP. This is craziness. I love it and am having a lot of fun surfing these boards.


            • core personal training
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              just remembered, the 6'2 x 18 3/4 x 2 1/2 flexfire is very close to the 6'3 thumb tail i mentioned.. from that board right thru until firewire, Nev shaped me variations on a theme as design streamlined over the years. Nev rode similar as well with adjustments for his lighter weight (or my 93 to 100kg variances during those years). basically 6'2 - 6'4 versions with single to double concaves of varying depths and changing rail profiles and tinkering with nose/tail widths too.. that particular flexy is essentially everything learned over years of making a chippy comp board that was ever so slightly "non chippy " the only real difference is the flexy has a single concave. oh, and lifelong flex response we only dreamt of..!!

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            I felt up the VG in LFT just yesterday, wow seems very techie and was pretty darn good. I chose a DA however am looking to decide on a VG come Fall.

            Curious though, I've heard that it doesn't paddle well around the break but when going for a wave, it seems to lift off and propel you into it..

            Is my understanding correct?
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            • Phill
              Phill commented
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              Yeah that's the gist. Though an over sized one will paddle well.
              I like to ride it small, catch waves easy and have a higher performance ceiling.
              There's more appropriate boards for big, shifty, tippy line ups.

            • core personal training
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              i find the vg fine.. but it might be the way i paddle or something.? .. eg. vg 5'6 at 28 point something liters outpaddles 6'2 MB 30lts.. the choppier it gets the more noticeable the difference.. its still rockered so lack of outline drag and concave right thru the nose is the key i assume.. plus the nose neutralizes chop. it goes over, under or thru it without pitching the board up with the resulting submersion and dead halt of "normal" boards..
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            • aurfalien
              aurfalien commented
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              That's perfect as my paddle around line ups is fine and I'm concerned with board wave entry characteristics. This board sounds spot on. Thanks for the nuggets guys, uber appreciate it.
              Last edited by aurfalien; 07-19-2014, 09:47 PM.

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            Hey Core
            Was not the intention to chase waves, just happened that way.
            Trip was more to catch up with friends around Forster & show my lovely wife Crescent.
            Waves were still a bit outta control Sunday Forster way but got nice waves at Crescent Head Monday afternoon & Tuesday morning.
            2 hours each session pretty much sorted out this Old Fella these days.
            Sounds like my experiences with the Baked Potato becoming a predominant board in the car is happening elsewhere too.
            Surfed mine high tide, 4' plus and got some all the way through to the sheds for the long walk back on Monday arvo
            then swapped to the Potatonator Tuesday morning for another, but smaller low tide session.
            In reality probably had it back the front with the boards but still had a blast.
            Booked again for Sept, better have the VG then or I'll be tearing out what hair is left.
            As for the size, at 6' and 75kg and a senior age I'm sure the 5'6" is my size
            I've demoed the 5'6 & 5'8 and it was pretty clear the 5'8 was too much board.
            As for a 5'4, well gotta realise I'm not 25 any more.
            Hope you got the waves you wanted on that beautiful new LFT VG,
            can't wait to hear more.


            • core personal training
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              glad you had fun twiggy, a VG would shred creso.!!. just back from thick beachy barrels.. VG loved it, BUT i landed on a fin.. water in board.(not much tho) .aaaggghhh.. thats the whole quiver out of the water..!!..going to have to throw stickers over one for a few days and cross fingers... i have to stop getting barreled as i'm crap at it..!! i could of been going off the bottom into heavy backhand through/under the lip hacks like the VG normally enjoys.. shoulda stuck to what i know..!!.. yeah 508 waaaaay to much for you.. i'm down to 84kg at 6ft and late 40's now and could probably drop to the 504.. having to push a little harder against the foam in this one.. its ok when i'm extended but noticed heavy carves etc when crouched close to deck under lip took some strength..still the only board i want to ride though.. lft feels great with flex evenly along the length of the board... speaking of flex, lucky i had super flexy fins in today or it could of ended in tears..!!

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            Attachment The VG can do the bottom end and grovel as you can see here but I would have caught more waves on the spitfire. For it to grovel well in the bump I think I need to go up to the 5'9.


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              So many boards, so little time.
              Looks like perfect Baked Potato or Potatonator waves, Gaire I might suggest.

              My Vanguard is like the first Grandchild
              The garage is full of deck pads, fins & even a new FCS Hull Cover in anticipation of it arrival.

              It's gotta turn up soon or I'll go crazy


              • Slowman
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                Yes Garie. I have an FCS mph cover too. They are a great fit.

              • Twiggy
                Twiggy commented
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                Called my guys today to see when my LFT Vanguard might turn up.
                Bad news is it's not in this months shipment, so looks like Sept.
                DAM DAM DAM