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  • New VG fin combo you have to try!

    My friend lent me some Sea Shepard twin fins and I can't believe how much I like them on my 5'6" VG. I do need a small 2" trailer but The board comes up to speed much faster and turns much tighter than my other fin set up with Rainbow Fins "speedwings" and the same 2 inch trailer which I really liked but the new combo just works much better all around . Does anyone else have a similar experience with running large side fins combos with the VG. 5"6 VG 157lbs 5'10"

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    I haven't tried the shepherds on the vg but I've posted on the nano forum about using Futures controller fronts with an SB1 sidebite in the centre box and loving it when the waves are smaller.
    I'm not suprised the vg works well with the sea's getting someone to try them that's the hard part.
    No matter...good to hear you're experimenting with outside the box fin combos and reaping the rewards.
    I can't wait to score a lend of a mate's Aipa twin fins to try in my nano.


    • Peterleo
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      Yep tried all sorts of twin fins set ups. I posted these findings ages ago . But really weren't they designed as twin fins. When I looked at Tomis designs before FireWire took a liking to them I'm sure this model was a twin fin. Anyway.. I've got a crazy fast set on my vanguard now. It's rusty blackstix fronts in the front and rusty blackstix fronts in the rear boxes as well. Is a quad with a knubster and it went at just the right speed on every wave. For outright speed try k2 in fibreglass.

    • Peterleo
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      The blackstix fronts I use as rears I just hacksawed the required amount off the bottom of the fins to fit in the smaller rear futures boxes. Loving them

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    Good info. I've never considered trying that type of setup. I'll give it a go.


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      Wow, that's pretty cool. I wonder what FCS/FCS2 equiv would be? I would sorta think the MR would be sorta close?


      For some reason I've been researching this even though I don't have a Tomo (yet).

      FCS has something similar called FK-2 in PC.

      Base: 7.01" / 178mm
      Depth: 4.49"/ 114mm
      Area: 22.78"˛ / 14698mm˛
      Sweep: 39.2°
      Foil: 80/20


      I couldn't really find equiv specs for the Rasta Keels but I did find this;

      Height: 4.77 in. 12.10 cm.
      Base: 6.79 in. 17.20 cm.
      Area: 24.59 in.˛ 158.64 cm.˛
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      • cuttlefish
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        True Ames CI twins more betta...$65.
        Wide base, not too much rake and a narrow tip for release.

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      I am using a very similar quad set up DVS quad keels, they have the same cutaway at the base rear. Nice and fast but still turn tightly.
      Shapers Fins - DVS Keel Quad (FCS) - Free Postage in Australia


      • aurfalien
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        Thanks Slowman! A site called carries em here in the states so I ordered a set. They look very cool. There are coupon codes out there for this site as well.

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      yeah that sounds killer slowman.


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        Follow up on my post with the Sea Shepard fins. This combo is much faster than any quad set up that I've ran and still provides a better pivot than a thruster set up. The VG in my opion is a very stiff board with the rails being so parallel. It might be a matter of style as I like to carve my turns rather than do a tight fin blow turn. With the carve style the rail line of the VG just keeps projecting you forward and add that to the limited rocker it is hard to get release once the rail is set. There are only 2 reasons I ride this board one if it is super crowded as the VG catches waves with ease & when the waves are very lined up and speed is more important than turning. That said, with the new fin combo I think I've got the best of both worlds with more speed and a better turning radius. But, unless the waves are a bit gutless I ride my Nano as it is a much better board than the VG at the same volume. I would like to swap out my 5'6" VG for the 5'5" thicker one but I don't think the expense is worth it. If anyone has some feed back on going from the a VG of the same volume but going +/- I would like to hear your experience.


        • sambone
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          360 air...I went from a 5'6 VG to the 5'5'. the 5'5 def turn quicker, better and whippier. Same volume so it worked for me.

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        Hi Sambone,

        Thanks for that feedback! I have 5'6" Nano and a 5'5" Nano and it is really amazing what an inch and just over 1 litter chance to the performance of a board. -Anthony