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Crack on the Rail??!!

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  • Crack on the Rail??!!

    I recently bought a dominator 5 6 and after the last session i noticed a small "crack" on the right rail where the bamboo color meets the whit of the deck. I also noticed there was a blue streak of color where this crack is... Can anyone help me? any tips and if I should get it fixed or anything.
    Thanx Guys

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    Seegray could you post a picture of the area in question?, that will help.
    Rule of thumb is that if you pass your finger nail above the crack and you can't feel it then there si nothing urgent to worry about. Does that crack looks like a spier crack or an elongated crack?.


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      it's not letting me post a picture, but the crack doesn't seem to be taking on water. I put a sticker over it incase it's a really small blue line crack thing I'll probably just take in to the local shop and get it looked at.


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        If you have the chance of putting some epoxy resin on top that would be better than a sticker, just a thin layer