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Dominator: Material defect - Warranty?

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  • Dominator: Material defect - Warranty?

    I lost the left fin (futures) of my thruster setup during surfing in blue water. No contact to rocks, sand, or shallow water, respectively no damages or scratches on the bottom of the board. When inspecting the finbox I figured out that the tab (or hook) inside the finbox is missing or left out.

    To me it looks obviously like a material defect. My board is kind of new. How about warranty?
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    Happened to me once with my set of Elevons, lost one of the back fins and the cause was... Did not screw it properly and the fin came off. I did screw it but not all the way in


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      if you look at the photos, there is no cross bar in the rear of the box for the rear fin tab to hook under. You can just see them in the quad rear boxes. Friends of mine have "lost fins at sea" as well because fins have not been seated/fastened properly but this looks like one of those complete failures caused by a small 10c part that has gone missing.

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    Hey Jenzee,

    It looks like the little tab was broken off? I have never seen that before. Hit me with an email directly, because Futures manufactures their boxes i think we would have to chat with them as well but we'll get to the bottom of it.


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      @Chris, I will send you an email right away. Thanks.

      @Forum, I'll keep you guys posted.


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        oh that sucks! hope you can get that fixed for free! my problem with Futures boxes is water collecting inside when using fins with truce/I-beam tech.



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          Yup didnt see that