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I dinged my brand new Hellrazor f&&&*******

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  • I dinged my brand new Hellrazor f&&&*******

    This is more of a whinge and a rant, after waiting a while, got my 6'5 HZ rode it in the club comp day 1, came 2nd in the seniors (only just more than 2 in the heat! :-) the next day paddling out over rocks and I just happened to plonk on top of one as the water ran out, I seemed to get sucked right over on top the bastard...I hoped it was just a fin bump but when I turned my board over I had about a 5cm radius depression that had broken the skin, in what looked like 3 fracture lines sort of in the shape of a Mecedes Benz badge.

    We have a few guys at our beach that are well known for always being angry and swearing and yelling as they paddle around, I could have been mistaken for one of them. Christ, doesn't that sort of thing completely piss you off? I rarely ding my boards, so maybe I'm overreacting.

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    when you take good care of your boards, yes a ding is less than welcome...


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      All good now, thanks to Stuart Paterson of :PCC, $50 and you can't even tell it was dinged. Happy again, the world is back on its axis and spinning properly :-)