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Timbertek Ding Repair -Sanding

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  • Timbertek Ding Repair -Sanding

    Guys, I cracked the nose on my BP and had it repaired. My repair guy did a great job but he had to sand back the wooden laminate on the edge of the repair in order to get a smooth finish and blend in the epoxy. Now there is bare/sanded wood and I'm worried it will let in water. Is there a coat of wood oil or laminate I should put on to prevent water soaking into the wood where it has been sanded??

    Thanks in advance,


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    Use epoxy resin


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      That's not my question. I've used epoxy resin to fix the ding but there is the surrounding area which had been sanded lightly. Does this need a stain or anything to protect the bare wood around the ding which had been sanded?


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        the wood is sealed with an entropy epoxy resin... maybe use a rag and wipe a thin layer of epoxy over the area to seal the sanded wood


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          Ok, thanks Phil


          • Phill
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            i'd double check with chris to be 100% but i don't see why that wouldn't be suitable.

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          yeah shiloh that would be the proper approach!! you would do a little hot coat essentially. just brush or wipe a layer of resin over the exposed wood and then buff lightly to smooth out...


          • Matt_s
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            If you lightly brush resin into the wood does the wood soak some up? I always feel paranoid that I have sanded off the epoxy once iv done the sanding with a thin coat.
            As the board doesn't have a glassed feel to it, how could you tell you have covered it? I'm still ding free on my techno grain but just preparing for the future