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Snapped TJ PRO in tiny surf only 4 weeks old

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  • Snapped TJ PRO in tiny surf only 4 weeks old

    This is the 2nd firewire longboard that I've snapped in 2ft surf. The first one was a little older and had been surfed lots and lots so I figured it was just due to age/fatigue. I loved surfing that board so much that even though I snapped it in tiny surf I recently forked out the cash for a TJ PRO model. Same deal, 2ft, mid to high tide took off on a little peeler couldn't quite make around a section so I bailed. When I popped up I had 2 boards.. PISSED OFF. I took the corpse to my local shop where I got it and they said they'll send it back to firewire to access what happened. I'm now over a $1000 out of pocket, got no board and waiting up to 4 weeks to hear a response from firewire. Any thoughts?

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    why are you bailing in 2ft surf would be my first thought


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      Chris will most probably be jumping here soon


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        @Jacob...sounds like you riding some heavy wedging waves. Any option of going straight if you can't make the section? Hopefully you get a replacement for free or at least at a really good price.



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          Probably worth emailing Chris.


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            Heavy wedging waves no where near. It was a pretty full tide and its winter here so really lite offshore winds and small clean waves. Ideal for a bit of longboard fun one would think. Thanks for ya feedback nonetheless. As for "kdropin", keep ripping you legend.