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Delam developing on 6 month old Hellrazor

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  • Delam developing on 6 month old Hellrazor

    I purchased a brand new 6'1" hellrazor FST (from someone else on the forum) about six months ago and unfortunately there's a couple inch area that is starting to get soft and squishy right at the front edge of my traction pad on my heel side. The glass hasn't cracked and there's no water in there (yet), but I'm pretty sure the problem will spread. I weigh 195 lbs and I've surfed the board 61 times (I know its kind of weird that I've kept a tally, but I was curious how long a new firewire would last me) so its been used quite a bit, but still I wasn't expecting any major problems so soon.

    Does anyone know if, at this stage, there is a relatively easy fix without having to cut out and re-glass part of the deck? I've used the guy from Sticky Fingers in LA for Firewire repairs before and he's done a great job, but he's not cheap and I know delam is notoriously difficult to fix. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Ride the crap out of it till you get a break in it's optimal surfing conditions then sell it! Easier if you have a backup, go buy a new Firewire!!!!


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      Firewire boards, if they have a structural issue, will show pretty much right away. After 6 months of riding it, it might be your heal digging into the deck or hitting it on something that is causing the delam. Fixing that kind of problem will be pricey wherever you go to get it fixed. If you like how the guy from Sticky Fingers fixed your board in the past, then it might be best to just go back to him again for this one.

      - Firewire Intern Josh


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        i sold my 6'1 hellrazor after nearly a year and it looked brand new, no pressure dings even under the wax... never had a tougher board than an FST..been surfing since 1990! most pu boards die within a year..


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          Thanks for the replies. I have no doubt the delam is from my heel striking the board, although I wouldn't have expected that to develop so soon. I suppose I'll take it to the repair guy and see what he thinks.