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Pressure dings on new Michel Bourez 6.0

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  • Pressure dings on new Michel Bourez 6.0


    after enjoying my FW dominator for two years I decided to by a a new Michel Bourez 6.0 thin.

    After using this board only two or three times i noticed pressure dings on the deck of the board. So i took of the wax and to my disappointment I found a lot of pressure dings and even a small crack on the deck. I was really surprised, so I tested the deck by pressing my finger towards it, and I found out that I am capable of making pressure dings on the deck with my fingers by just pressing (not pressing hard).

    What I figured out was that most of the the pressure dings are actually not from surfing, but from transporting it on the roof of my car. (inside a double surf travel bag along with my Dominator) The Michel bourez board have laid under the dominator, and vice versa. but the dominator seems to handle it without being damaged (as have my other normal PU boards done over the years)

    I have surfed (and transported) my dominator (same FST tech) for two years, and I have not a single pressure dent on it. Nor am I capable of making pressure dents on it by just pressing with my fingers....

    I have already asked the dealer where I bought the board what to do with this but they donīt even seem to bother answering.

    This is now a couple of moths back, and I havenīt used the board since as I am awaiting what to do with it....

    From my experience with the Dominator I recon this cannot be normal?

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    Where are you based? Have you taken it into your dealer for them to look at? If you're in the US/Aus I'd email If you're in Europe email Elsewhere I'm not 100% who is best to contact. Maybe still Chris. He can put you in touch with the necessary people.


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      damn, that sucks mate. doesn't seem right that it should pressure ding so easily... have you had any other dings that have cracked the glass? perhaps on the rails? could it be possible that some water has gotten into the board?

      good luck to you, I hope it gets sorted out.


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        Thanks for you replies!

        I am based in Norway, however, the board is bought in the UK. Therefore I haven't been able to let anyone look at it..

        There are no other dings on the board, nor has it been handled (crashed or other) in any way that may cause dings.. The only crack ( 1cm) is in one of the pressure dings on the deck. I do not believe water has gotten into it, as the crack has been covered by wax...


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          You'll have to speak to Myles. He handles the UK end of this stuff. You'll need to take very detailed pictures as usually a dealer is required to verify the issues with a board.
          It's possible you'd have to ship it back to the UK.
          Give Myles an email and see what he says.

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        Yeah Myles is da man in Europe