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Sweet Potato Delamination

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  • Sweet Potato Delamination

    SO a while ago I posted asking the original weight of a 5'0" sweet potato because mine was feeling a but heavy. After extensive investigations with flashlights and all I finally found the culprit. One of the FCS fin plugs had smaller than the eye can see crack. I say smaller than the eye can see cause I never actually saw it, but after leaving the board in the sun there was a droplet of water coming out of the plug.
    I immediately took it to my trusted local repair guy and he confirmed the plug must be leaking. He dremelled it out drilled a drain hole as well and we let it sit for two months! The bamboo deck had gotten soaked and was now refusing to dry out. Then as it started to lighten and the water seemed to be evaporating, the deck started forming delamination bubbles - all over! This is extremely disheartening. I took a photo of just one area, but it spread like the measles. The repair guy gave me two option - 1) leave it to dry further whilst drilling some holes in the deck to relieve the bubbles and water, 2) remove all the top deck glass so the bamboo can dry properly. I chose the former as it seemed like the most evasive and cost effective method.
    After talking with him today, he is not happy with how it is drying and new bubbles are still forming. This process was started on Sept 20th!
    I am hoping for some guidance from Firewire personel, and maybe even some kind of voucher for a new board as this board seems to be falling apart before my eyes.
    Please chime in with experiences and troubles with the bamboo deck, water, delam....
    delamination bubbles forming between glass and bamboo deck

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    I'm a little surprised that no one from Firewire has responded to my issue. The board is still in the repair shop and my repair guy cant see anyway other than removing all the top glass to get those bubbles out. It is just a little disturbing that an fin plug which looked in perfect shape can ruin my board. My fear is that one - the repair will cost more than the board is even worth at this point, two - that all the bubbles can not be removed or more form over time and the board really falls apart. Any and all help from Firewire personal would be greatly appreciated!


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      Hey rudyeye, email Chris Cary at, and he will setup a customer service e process with you.

      - Firewire Intern Josh


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        OK, I have a repair problem with my beloved sweet potato too. A cracked fin box and a shitty repair in the wilds led to the board sucking so much water that it's running out the fin box cracks now :-(. I also have many hairline cracks along the rails that might be sucking water too. The board is feeling quite a bit heavier too - does RPT suck water like crazy or what's the story here?

        So my question is: is it worth trying to repair / get everything watertight again or is she a goner already?


        • Phill
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          Fair bit of time and effort and money if you aren't doing it yourself to save that.
          I'd rip out the damaged box and drill holes to let the water out.
          EPS drinks water!!

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        Ja, phill, thx and I'm afraid you're probably right, especially about the sucking water bit :-(. anyway, this board went Magic for years and they still make them so I'll just pass this one on and get something similiar to replace it - maybe go onto a baked potato just for fun - jeez - nothing's quite as much fun as shopping for firewires!