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Futures Fin Box missing rung

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  • Futures Fin Box missing rung

    I just bought a used hellfire and after fixing the ding I noticed that one of the fin boxes is also missing a rung (you know the cylinder at the back of the fin box that the fin grabs onto).

    Question, does that need to be fixed? If I put the fin in tight, is it safe to ride it that way?

    Not sure how much fin boxes cost to repair, but is there a way I could fix that myself without taking out the entire fin box? Maybe a small spot of glue in the fin box to hold the back of the fin in place? any ideas?

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    Short of glassing the fin in I think it'd need replacing. Fin will prob keep falling out else. Bummer :(


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      I think I can fix it... Worth a try. I can use the Finn to glue a rung in, maybe add some hot glue for extra strength at the back. Should be enough to keep it in, but the bond could still be broken if I want to change fins


      • Phill
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        Worth a try. Just test it with a cheap fin first!

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      Phill, testing with a cheap fin is a REALLY good idea. I put it in today without anything and tugged on it, feels pretty secure with nothing holding it in but the front screw. I think any extra support may be enough. We'll see....