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  • Pressures on the bottom

    Hey guys got a 6'10" addvance a month or so ago, there is a big pressure dent on the bottom of my board I noticed tonight. I'm bummed out about it, I take super good care of this thing and love riding it. I've only ridden it 5 or 6 times and has never hit down or banged into anything. I have 4 FireWire boards and this is the only one that has this issue. Please advise, is there anything you guys can do to help me? On a separate note I have photos but I'm having problems uploading them at the moment. I'll try from my p.c. tomorrow. Thank you

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    Pressure dents happen from normal wear and tear. The more you surf a board, the higher the chances are that you'll get at least a couple of them - most likely from the board hitting a knee or elbow while underwater.

    - FIJ