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do you bother to fix tiny water tight de lams on RF ?

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  • do you bother to fix tiny water tight de lams on RF ?

    Hi guys,

    I notice that on the RF boards I have owned that little delams occur from the slightest bump. When I say delam I mean there is no visible damage to the glass, it just has come away from the bamboo in the little spot where it was bumped. You can just see it as a cloudy discolourment. It usually happens around the rails where the black line is on the edge of the bamboo, normally from a light bump with a knee or elbow or leggie.

    Id imagine that to fix little delams like this would be quite hard and involve removing glass that is not at all damaged. Does any one bother fixing these?

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    Hey DGR,
    It sound like you are talking about little impact bruises where the damage occurs below the surface of the board. Believe it or not, this type of ding occurs on other PU and epoxy white boards, they just don't show up as well.

    with all that said, when its due to impact like this, its not really a delam because its very isolated. therefore, as long as the glass is intact on the outside of the board, you are ok. Just watch it. I have some on my board and it I break the glass on top of one of these little "blisters" then I'll repair it.



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      I've got the same "blister" marks around the tail, when the leg rope is pushing onto the rail after I fell off my board for instance. As it will always be on the same spot, I just watch that it doesn't crack open. Otherwise I don't fix those because if you cut the glass to repair it, I'm assuming the repair is going to be even weaker than the unfixed "blister". If you're suspicious that the water might get in there though, fix it!


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        cool, thanks guys. My instinct is not to touch them, but thought id better check.


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          thanks folks!!