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3rd snapped Firewire this year. With video of board snapping in 2 foot surf!

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    Originally posted by FW - Fan View Post
    My understanding is there is no "cure" time on epoxy boards post the initial curing...unlike PE/PU that continues to cure for weeks after the initial flash cure...correct me if I am wrong but I believe thats one of the attractions of epoxy.
    I've done a bit of commercial boat building with epoxy resins years ago, but I really cant remember, all I remember is it was so much better, easier to work with and way less smelly than polyester resin.
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      Hey all,
      just a heads up, the board was being ridden in good waves by aggressive surfers. when doing big airs and such, breaks happen. so goes the sport. with that break i am confident in saying that it was put in a "wrong place at the wrong time" situation by the surfer with obvious results. For some reason, when 10 PU boards break its not news, but when o I have watched Daniel Thomson ride his Firewire tech and it looks insane. Stuey's board rips. Wandi it has nothing to do with patience or impatience, it was just an unfortunate circumstance.

      Also for the record, the statement that we rushed the board out and the resin didn't have time to cure is incorrect. Boards do not leave our facilities until they are 100% completed. That is just the way it is.



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        This is what was reported in "Surfing life issue 293" on the page that featured the FW Tomo Vanguard" (page 64-65) for those that don't have the mag.

        Two pages on the board and the testers findings etc

        Then under a smaller heading (THE CREASING SOLVED)

        "The damage we inflicted on this board was out of all proportion with Firewires excellent rep as a maker of tough light boards. So Back in Oz after the test, Raz Mehlsen from FW checked with the factory and discovered the board had been made in an extreme rush for the Test without the usual curing processes applied. This left a softness in the resin which exposed the board to creasing."

        (then it goes on about chopping the board to look at the carbon rods and shows two pics of the board cut showing the rods and crease, about two inches above the front fins)

        BTW the testers had good things to say about the boards performance and even though the board creased it wasn't written about as a huge negative.


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          If that is the case than it would have had to have been a special order rush request.