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    Just noticed a small crack/cut about 2cm long in my sons Hellfire Deck. Not very big but pretty sure the skin is broken so I'm going thru the drying out process now. I don't think it warrants a full professional repair and the $$ but want to check what's the best way for me to do it. Being on the deck you want see it after its waxed so just need it to be water tight.


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    Yeah a little sanding, cloth and epoxy just to be sure. But remember, let it dry thoroughly


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      Yeah you're best off patching it with some fibreglass. Sand the area around the damage to key it, make sure it's clean and dust free and laminate a patch that comes about 2" wider than the damage. Laminate with epoxy resin.
      When that's cured you can sand the edges of the patch to blend back into the board and then put another layer of epoxy over that area as a hot coat and sand and polish when cured.


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        hey PRJ,
        what do you mean by "polish". I use 800 sandpaper to finish but its still not as smooth as the original finish. how do you polish a surfboard?


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          You can just wet sand higher and higher and get a smoother finish but for better results I've started using a polishing compound by Farecla called G3. I think Firewire use a compound called Dolphin Skin.


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            Can you use any auto poliahing compound?