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  • Are we back?

    Major upgrade! Are we back on?

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    Yes we are hommie!


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      Woohoo. New layout is cool. Looks a lot slicker. Got to figure out the new features though.


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        Question is where is everybody at? Phill you need to round up the troops!


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          Yeah! Glad the forums are back!


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            We're not complete quite yet I've noticed. Message post formats aren't working quite right, (returns, etc.), and signatures are not coming through yet, (yes, I turned them back on). Still glad we are back up!


            • Tescot
              Tescot commented
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              Like buttons not working yet...
              I'll keep updating as I notice stuff.

            • Tescot
              Tescot commented
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              Forums seems slow. Any save, search, page change (next page of posts in a thread), etc. seem to take 20+ seconds before page BEGINS to change and may still take 10+ seconds to load on a quick page (text only). (no, it's not my bandwidth - other websites, even ones heavy with photos, load much quicker.)

              Edit function sometimes does not display original post (the one you are trying to edit).

              When trying to look-up someone's threads/posts it takes an indefinite amount of time. I stopped waiting after 5 minutes.

              Difficult to find new threads/posts. Shows three items on home page, but won't expand to show more until 1+ minute wait. Tried several times. Most times I just give up and look for previous threads I am hoping to see responses to.

              Average Internet attention span is 10-15 seconds tops.
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            Yeah it'll probably take a little while to iron out the kinks. This version sure is complicated!


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              Bug I have noticed:
              Access to long threads is limited to their first page
              Pictures attached are not displayed but seen as a link access (but few of them are well displayed sometime)
              Hope this help

              Have Fun & Ride Safe


              • Slowman
                Slowman commented
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                I have found by resetting the filter options (go to month and then back to all) you can get the multiple pages showing but you still have to page through them one at a time or type the number in the page number box, there is no last page button.

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              Keep up the spotting, I'll make sure Justin is aware of this thread and I'm sure he'll do what he can.


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                not getting email notification... think i set it up right


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                  So far the like feature is not working.Also when I post something and I refresh the page it does not show whatever I just posted


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                    I tried the like button and it said I was not authorised to like! I can't even find my signature in my profile.


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                      If you change to stream view rather than topic view in settings then the most recent reply is on page one, just under the original post


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                        Posts that have multiple pages of replies only show page 1 of 1. If you type 2 in the box, it gives you a working... message and then will display the real number of pages.

                        Also, if you search it will list posts that include a match of the search terms but will not let you click into that post or thread (unless the match is in the first post of a thread)

                        In the last post column, is there a way to click a link to see last post??

                        Not sure these are experienced by others but thought I'd report...
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                        • Phill
                          Phill commented
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                          If you go into account settings and switch to stream view it displays newest posts first (under original post). It also seems to sort the page issue.