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  • General section?

    Can we have somewhere on the forum for general discussions? Not necessarily surfing related, but somewhere very general questions can be asked. Such as "what board for X waves" or "name your ultimate 3 board quiver" etc. Would be a great addition to the forum.

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    I think that's a great suggestion justo. Just a section for bulshiting about how you find boards FW versus none Fw etc.


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      Yeah I reckon a general section would be good to keep a stronger community rather than just 'what size?' questions and not so much friendly chit chat. Just have to be careful that it doesn't turn into shit slinging etc.


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        you're right Phill, a lot of forums do turn into shit slinging competitions... but from the old FW forum we used to have, there was a lot of general chit chat, organising surf trips, comparing quivers etc and I never ever saw it get nasty. I miss that about the old forum... now it's just a little dull... the same questions, very few responses etc...


        • Phill
          Phill commented
          Editing a comment
          Yeah there was only really one occasion where the old forum got out of hand and that was dealt with pretty well.
          That old forum was very active, it seems like as the forum has gotten more complex, it has also gotten less active.