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    im looking around now but i cant seem to find a sub on this forum about WETSUITS, i know its firewire's board forum, but theres alotve wealth of knowledge here and i think a sub or general discussion thread for wetsuits would be a great add. if im wrong and there already is one then id appreciate a link lol

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    Have you heard of the oneill pyrotech? light, thin and flexible, I used a 4/3 for the winter and it feels like a 3/2. Try one out.


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      I have heard of it, ill be sure to check one out next week when i try a few on, thanks for the tip! also i have made a post in general surf news and i attached the link to this reply, just a few suits ive really got my eye on, as of today ive got my eye on the hurley 302, hsss is having a sale, 40% off select suits and alot of them are 100% stretch, so anyone reading be sure to check it out!

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