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Can you buy FW's in Thailand?

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  • Can you buy FW's in Thailand?

    Obviously there made there, so you would expect you could buy them there? and at best price but i don't see any outlet.

    I know Thailand doesn't have big surf culture, but ive heard there can be waves and are a few surf shops.

    He he..if i come knocking on the back factory door will they sell to me :P (im kinda serious)

    Ive seen the price difference between USA and Australia (we always get screwed in Aussie)

    My wife is always nagging me to go to Thailand if i could get a new FW for a good price(even same as USA pay) and make the wife happy then a stop over for a few days to a week on the way to or back from Sumatra (Indo) could be the go.


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    They've stated in the past that they only sell through dealers and you cannot buy boards directly as it would be disrespectful to the dealers who carry the boards.
    I'm not sure if there are dealers in Thailand though. How do the indo prices compared to Aus?


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      Price in indo is the pretty much the same as aus


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        I tried this approach about 1 month ago and PRJ is right. They really don't do it as every board in their factory is ready to go to a dealer. I even said I'd pay the dealer in the USA for the board that I'd pick up from the factory... But no luck.

        I do respect what FW are doing, the dealers are their life blood. But the Australian 30% price increase over the same product in the USA is bullsh1t.


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          The average wage in Aus is also greater though is it not?


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            The average wage may be more but doesn't mean mine is.

            Yeah us Aussies are use to gettting screwed we even pay more for songs on itunes than the US do, if i can i shop buy from US or UK things like fins and wetsuits are almost half price, boards may be a bit harder/costly to buy OS though and import tax hits at the $500 mark.

            Yeah boards in Bali are about same price as Australia including FW's, doesn't make much sense though as even though rents in Bali are expensive compared to the rest of Indo, rents for shops even in kuta would be much cheaper than most places in Australia and I know other overheads, Electricty and staff wages are about 10-20% of what our cost are in Australia, i know this for a fact as my wife is Indonesian.


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              Just looking around online its actually quite strange in Aust the price between rapid fire and FST boards is quite a big jump in price (%)

              for example:

              Sweet potatoe in AUS is about $785.00(rapidfire) and $935.00(FST) ($150 more for FST)

              Sweet potatoe in USA $650.00(rapid fire) and $695.00(FST) $45 more for FST)

              And UK SP about $835.00 (FST)