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    Bought some PC GAM's (the Large version of the Al Merrick template) and used them on a...ahem, cough... non-Firewire board yesterday afternoon as the swell pulsed from longboarding size in the morning to 2-3 foot (waist to head high) in the afternoon. This particular board is probably somewhere between the Dom and El Fuego in terms of rocker, but a tad more nose kick than the Dom (but still quite flat), and a nice fat square tail thruster set up at the beefy end.

    Ok, one surf only so not a huge point of comparison, but I got great drive out of these fins. They appeared to be just a tad looser off the top than my PC7's. It might be my imagination but in cutbacks where the wave power was dying where on the PC7's you would carve or stop, the GAM's seemed to allow a flick around (release) to complete the turn. I don't necessarily see that as a huge advantage as I like to drive turns, but I did like that these fins appeared to be a bit looser off the top.

    All in all I reckon these would be a great all round fin for pretty much any conditions for a larger (80kg+) surfer.

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    I use them on loose boards to stiffen them up a bit and get more drive but they release nicely off the top.