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Best Quad fins for a Spitfire

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  • Best Quad fins for a Spitfire

    Hi everyone

    I've recently got myself a brand new Firewire Spitfire 5'10. I have absolutely loved it from my first session on it. I have only ever ridden larger boards before, mostly single fins, so my new Spitfire has certainly revolutionised my surfing and I'm really enjoying starting to develop turns and really take my surfing to a new level.

    The board came with some standard quad fins and I'm looking to get a great set of quad fins (possibly a 5 fin pack to have the option of variety) I have found a few that I like the look/sound of and would just like to ask some advice on what fins everyone thinks are the best for this board and best for me.

    I am 6'2 and just under 80kg so I think I am looking at large sized fins

    These are the options I'm considering:

    Simon Anderson SA-2 Quad
    GMB-5 PC 5 Fin Set
    Kelly Slater 2.1 PC Quad
    Rusty 2 PC Quad
    Stretch SF4 PC 5 Fin Set

    Please let me know what you think or any advice for the options I have listed


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    The Stretch and K2.1 sets are loose and can get pretty slidey on steeper sections. I haven't tried the others. I've used the Large SA25 set though and found them very drivey but tracky. The Medium size could be good. Overall I preferred the spitfire as a thruster with K3 fins. Very fun board though :D


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      Thanks for the help Phill. I like the idea of having the option to change from a quad to a thruster until I find what I think works best on the board for me. I've only tried the quad set up so far but I would be keen to experiment with both. My local waves don't usually get bigger until the winter so having to worry about fins not dealing so well in steeper sections wouldn't be a problem all of the time throughout the year.

      As I said in my previous post I am just under 80kg, do you think I would be able to use medium fins without any problem even though my weight fall right at the end of the weight guidelines of the medium fins?


      • Phill
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        I'm about the same weight and usually use medium fins. Some large sets feel too stiff and tracky for me. Depends on the template though.