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    Does the Potatonator come in FCS? If so, what set fins would work with a 5'10 potatonator that surfs El Porto Beach breaks (manhanttan beach)? I m 175lb 5'9

    Open to quad or tri fin... thanks

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    Sure does i have a 506 FST Potatonator.

    I have tried mine with PC7 in the front and GQx in the rear they were ok but i did not like the feel of them. I settled on using the Rusty R2 Quad set and found them to great hold, drive, speed and pretty easy to turn under speed.

    I haven't tried it as a Thruster yet but will hope to do so in the next few surfs, the Potatonator really lends itself to be ridden as a Quad as the tail is quite wide.


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      thanks for the advice. I will checkout the Rusty quad fins. Please update ur experience with the thruster setup.

      Chris - I just bought a 5'10 Potatonator from E.T. Surf. Its coming next thursday! Cant wait to use it in these small surf!!!


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        second opinion anyone? i weight 175lb, would the Rusty be too small for me? Any other recommendation for FCS fins on the potatonator? Thanks


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          Don't think you can go too far wrong with the K2.1 quad set. I ran that in my Sweet Potato on Tuesday and had a blast. I'd probably run that in the Potatonator and throw in the Nubster when it was a little bigger or more punchy.


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            what do you think about the Simon Anderson S25 Large? whats the difference from the S25 and the SA-1 ? Anyone know? which one would be the better fit for the Potatonator?


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              I found the L SA25s a bit tracky in my old Dominator. The wider tail of the PN may counter this but it is a lot of fin area and they are fairly raked.

              Not sure what's different about the SA-1. Are they rebranded? Not sure it the 25s were the 25th anniversary set or something.