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AMT's on a dominator?

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  • AMT's on a dominator?

    Has anyone tried the AMT twin w/ trailer on a dominator? I just bought some because it was a smokin CL deal and my friend has been ripping with them in a different board.

    Theyre huge fins with a little nub in the back so I feel it will almost act as a quad, but a bit looser rail to rail with the hold of a trailer???


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    Fin of choice in my potatonator.
    A more progressive template than the MR's a lot of people like in the Dom.
    It all comes down to personal taste and also your size.
    If you're a lightweight you may not have the push to enjoy them.


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      Thanks, I feel they will run great once we get some waves...

      Checked out your quiver cuttlefish, the AMT fronts with controller rears on my SP sound like a great idea! How do they run on your BP?


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        SDsurf - did you ever try these out on your Dominator? I found some for cheap on Craigslist and was thinking of snatching them for the hell of it. I'm pretty satisfied with the surfs that I've had with the Futures Rusty R1 quad setup, but I still want to try AMT fronts with my Controller rears on the Dom when the waves are on the smaller side