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    Thanks for the tip! I already bought the Jordys and Solus. I also bought Rusty R1 5fin set :D. I was able to get a good price from a friend of a friend of a friend...hehe.



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      [Test Report]
      Jordy Smith fronts and Rusty R1 rears on my spud felt a little unstable on bottom turns and cutbacks. It felt like I was riding a twin fin.

      I replaced the R1 rears with Q400 composite fins and the board felt a lot more stable. The Jordy Smith fins are super fast and responsive! It doesn't even feel like a Large fin.

      [Next Test] Updated 22MAR13
      - Jordy Fronts + EA Techflex center: Very fast and responsive. W/ the Medium center fin, it makes it easier to pivot and push fins.
      - Jordy Fronts + R1 rears: Very fast but not as stable as a thruster setup. Maybe it might work better with a knub in? Good setup for the small grovelling days though.

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        Originally posted by LeftLane View Post
        Like them in my Spitfire. Only surfed in thruster. The base is huge! The leading edge of the base partially covers the screw hole for the fin boxes. You can get em on okay but it makes it a two step process (slightly tighten, push fin all the way in, fully tighten). My only caveat is that I typically am on a slightly shorter board for my weight so I typically can get away with more beefy fins. Your mileage may vary. Good luck!

        Since I lost some weight, I kept the fronts in and replaced the center fin with my Rusty R1. It's fricken awesome now!!


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          great R&D guys, keep it coming!!

          Cheers all!


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            [Test Results]

            Sweet Potato FST: Jordy Front L + PSH Controller Rear
            - Positive: Does not require a lot of weight to pivot; pivots very well and easily. Fast and flows smoothly. Good for non-power surfers
            - Negative: Sometimes twitchy from take off. Does not provide as good of a hold like my Q400 rears on steep drops. Not optimal if you surf like Michel Bourez

            Conditions: S-SW swell, 1.5-2 feet 18 seconds (chest to head high). 5-15 mph winds, clean to slight side shore.


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