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5 Fin Futures set to suit PN AND CC?

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  • 5 Fin Futures set to suit PN AND CC?

    Here's a challenge for you...

    I am a 6' 80Kg surfer who has just happily received delivery of a new 5'8" Potatonator & a 6'1" Chubby Chedda. I want to buy 1 5-fin set of Futures to use interchangeably on the two boards (thruster on the CC & quad on the PN). Of the available sets in the futures catalog (, which set would you get & why?

    (I'm leaning towards the MB2, but really just because they are new - I haven't done much experimenting with different fin templates & have never ridden a quad...)


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    Those MB2 look like they are worth giving a try. Nice base, a med rake, the only thing I dont like is that they are flat foiled inside... One thing I love about FUTURES is that they play alot with foils. The Clay Marzos are a pretty fun set to ride as thruster


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      Only thing I wasn't sure about was whether they would be a bit big - they have quite a large area. A mate rides his 5'3" BP with AM2 fins and loves it, so I'm guessing that the larger templates go well on the potatoes, wasn't sure whether I would be better off with something smaller like the CM, Mulcoy or Rusty sets for the CC - but then would they still go well on the PN... much indecision for me!


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        It all depends, my prefference is for the SOLUS on my Pnator, the ELEVONS on the sweet and the Jordys on my Vanguard as well as the Marzos. And I'm 85Kgs


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          Because you are unsure of what to purchase, I suggest finding a surf shop close to you that has a Future Fin Tree where you can test fins for free. See the link below:

          - Firewire Intern Josh


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            Het Masteen at your height and weight you could do a Medium set but I would lean towards a Large set. AM2 is a popular one. MB2 looks cool...i would buy them too just because they are new haha. the SA are OK. When I run my Jordy L as a thruster, i use a M center fin to loosen up the turning. Something to consider if you can't push Large fins easily. Find your nearest fin tree and start testing fins!



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              id agree w Iggy about the CM2 as a 5 fin set. the tech flex is real nice and as a medium fin i feel really in control. I'm 6' @190 tops. i only have the thruster set up, but it works really well.


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                Elevons, Marzo's and Solus. These are my magic fins. Try riding solus in the front with elevon rears if you have those fins thats the go now in my hellfire when its head high and sectiony