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  • Spitfire Fin Boxes

    Are all the fin boxes on the Spitfire all 3/4" or are the rear boxes and trailing fin box 1/2"? My board is on the way and need to know if I need to order shims with my fins.

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    the rears r 1/2" and the thruster is 3/4"


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      Thanks fokaiHI! I think I'll need a shim for the thruster box for the AM2 and Rusty1 five fin sets I am ordering. I think both of those sets have a 1/2" thruster fin.


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        Thruster rear box is 1/2" too


        • KAMAKANI
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          Got it, thanks Phill!

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        KAMAKANI i don't think you need shims for your fin boxes. are you planning to use custom fins? Most of the future fins are made the the same with the exception of the fiberglass controller quad which seems to have a slightly shorter tang. have fun on the SF!



        • Phill
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          I think some people get the 3/4" boxes all round for sides/quad rears so they can run full size thruster sets as quad rears. They can then use the shims to use normal 1/2" quad rears too.

          Only problem I can see with that is there will be the full 7 degree can't on the thruster sides as rears. Also if the board is super fin in the tail they'll be routed in mighty close to the deck...