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5-fin futures for 155lbs (70KG) on a 6í6 addvance

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  • 5-fin futures for 155lbs (70KG) on a 6í6 addvance

    I Ordered a 6í6 Addvance in Futures that should be here in a week. Stoked! I want to purchase a versatile 5-fin futures set that will work well in Northern California beach breaks and the wide variety of surf we get year round here. I'm 5'9 155LBS (70kg) before I put on a 4/3 wetsuit.
    Iíve seen a lot of good recommendations for Addvance fins, which has been helpful, but the riders are usually at least 25 LBS more than me and/or not on the 6í6.
    Iíve been mostly looking at the following fins:
    Rusty 5-fin
    AM2 5-fin
    Josh Mulcoy 5-fin
    Matt Biolos MB2 5-fin
    Link to the 5-fin set-ups available
    The shops I went to said the most popular fins here are the AM2 and that people really like how they work in Cali surf. Lots of good stuff on here about the AM2 just worried they may be too big for me at my size. I was also told that the Mulcoy is basically the same as the Stretch quad, which seems to be very popular but I havenít heard anything about the Mulcoys on the Addvance.

    Thanks for any/all advice!

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    Id go with the F4 set or the Stretch set.


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      Thanks for the reply Phil. By the "Stretch set" are you refering to the Mulcoys or the Stretch Quads? The dims are different between the Mulcoys and the Stretch Quads according to the futures site (maybe just tweaked a bit to suit the thruster option?). Also, what would you see as the performance characteristics/differences between the F4 set and the Stretch set?

      Thanks again, super helpful (as is everything on this site)!


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        stretch and mulcoys have the v2 foil which is like anything else in surf, "preference". i have a stretch set that i only use the rears w the Pancho fronts, cus the rears r nice. i also did just get out of the water using the MB2 quad set up on my 6'10. it worked really nice. flat foil front and rears w good drive. at ur size, u might look at the CM 5 fin. those r medium size fins w tech flex. i have the thruster set and i like them a lot. im 6'0 @ 200lbs.


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          thanks fokaiHI. Ill check out the CM 5 fin. Is there a way to gauge the fin size I should be looking for? I want to make sure the board is relatively loose and manuverable as it has plenty of volume for me. I tried out a 5'9 Baked Potato a few months ago and really liked the skatey feel of it even though the board was oversized. I'm hoping they will hold up well in up a few ft overhead as well...even if I cant. the V2 f4 / CM2 / mulcoys are the 3 smallest 5 fin shapes futures makes and in that order from smallest up. sounds like you guys think I'm better off with a pretty small fin?


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            Editing a comment
            its really hard to say due to ur weight in ratio w the size of ur board. ur so light, u might not feel the drag w fins as large as the MB2 or AM2. it will come down to trial and error. i wud say to go w the largest medium fin or smallest large fin