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Which quad fin setup for a 5'7" Baked Potato?

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  • Which quad fin setup for a 5'7" Baked Potato?

    Just recently purchased a 5'7" Baked Potato and was hoping to get some input on which fins to get. I'm 6'2" and weigh 200 lbs which makes it a bit harder to get feedback from someone in my range. Intending to use it for small to medium size beach break. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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    Controllers would go great, AM2 as well


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      I have the 5'5" BP and weigh 210lbs - I'm running large Simon Anderson Quads and even stuck a "middle finger" in there and it surfs very well for me indeed.
      The "Middle Finger" is the Futures version of the 5th fin FCS Nubster)


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        Futures or FCS?

        - Firewire Intern Josh


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          for another option try CI Machado twins in front and small trailers in quad rears for drive in small waves.
          If you have a set of controllers and want more vertical action use the CI fronts and controller rears.
          Need more hold in bottom turns and cutbackswhen the waves are a better size then put a nubster in the front thruster plug.
          Not enough hold move the nubster to the rear plug.